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Hi Hannah Hi thank you so much for being here. Thanks for having me your back. Are Your back from the campaign trail. You're just for a couple of weeks. Okay okay good and then and then what you go back out I go back out with the Liberals and then I end with n DP leader Jagmeet Singh thing so I kinda miss being out on the campaign trail. You get used to it good. Well I mean. It sounds like you'll be back out very soon forward to but but let's talk about Doug me today. That's why we're here and I want to start with what happened last week. So I know that you were on the campaign trail with Jagmeet Singh when the first photo of Justin Trudeau in Brown face surfaced and as people may remember Jug me spoke to times at night and the second time was really emotional the so many people in this country that believe leaving taking care of one another. I know it's hard to believe right now but there are tell me what was happening behind the scenes. Yeah let me tell you why he did to responses to those photos so it was out of town hall. It was a regular town hall there about one hundred people crammed into the room and it was a really diverse crowd in that room to and that's when the Time magazine story broke seeing hadn't seen the photo when reporters asked for his reaction the report that asks the question made sure to mention that the prime minister's Office had confirmed that Trudeau was wearing during black face and a photo and it was back in two thousand and one before he was prime minister before he was a politician. I'm wondering what you think about this and the response from sing you could see that he was emotional about it. There was almost a gasp in the room from the people. There and sing took a deep breath. He thought about it for a few seconds cans. What's troubling. It's really it's insulting anytime we hear examples of Brown face black facing. It's really it's it's. It's making a mockery. Korea someone for what they live in what the relived experiences are I think he needs answer for it and the room agreed applauding the leader so as Trudeau then held his press conference on the plane. I shouldn't have been I should've known better but I didn't and the movie story. We are on a bus. we were told that sing would speak against so sing watched Justin Trudeau and his response in his hotel room. He made some calls to some people and one of those calls was the reason he came back in front of a camera and yeah yeah it was like it was one of the calls to his friend. Yes sort of reference that in the speech when I responded earlier I hadn't seen the image itself love and seeing the image jarred me and I wasn't sure if I wanted to come out and give a statement but I got a message from a friend and we don't know what that friends said to him exactly but we do know he addressed it and he got extremely emotional in front of the camera. You could see that he was upset. His eyes were watering but also that conversation with someone who didn't want to identify didn't want to go into great detail about it. We assume that person was bullied. The lead that the image affected that person and that person was unable to fight back in their own experience and talked about the Fazlullah auto races amount in my life and I can be honest with you. I thought back when I eight races my father my this but there's a lot of people that weren't able to do that. One of my friends told me how he wasn't able to do that to speak to all of their talk to all the kids out there all the folks who live this hour grown up and are still feeling the pain of racism. I want you to you know that you might feel like giving up in Canada. You might feel like giving up on yourself. I want you to know that you have value you have worth and you are loved and I don't want you to give off with Canada and please. Don't give up on yourselves. He was leader praised on how he handled it yeah it was just one of those moments you know. It really reminded me of that moment with the heckler back in two thousand seventeen at that moment that we talked about in the intro. He's he's really calm. He's he's very classy. See you know growing up as Brown skin turbine bearded man that I face things like this before. It's not it's not a problem. We can deal with it. Let's go back in time. What were the expectations dictation of him. At that point. I think those expectations were pretty high of him because people when they see him in a room want to listen to him want to learn more more about him but it doesn't translate sometimes through a television set but why do you think that is. I think there's this barrier. I think you know even with us on TV. You have to push harder in order to get that message across to for people to know who you are and I think I think that was part of his problem at first to is that he couldn't push that forward but on the campaign you know you see that he knows how to deal L. If unmanaged difficult situations two we are talking about the heckler and that almost seems like when he addresses these people he's taking a page from Michelle Obama's Thomason late book. No our motto is when they go low. We go hi and then even on the campaign. Jamie there was an event in Montreal where where there was a heckler that disrupted that and seeing pipes up and says look let me give you a hug you know you're disrupting this and he goes up and he does give a hug disarming the guy and you can see the guy in the video going saying Oh good hug good house good. He's not the best idea. We've got all these young. He didn't go back to a little bit of protesting but you could tell the totally disarms yeah and he handles these situations by remaining remaining calm he handles them with class in this is his brand though love and courage right the title of his book yeah so he is charismatic person he's very genyk and after that incident with a Heckler earlier on too many thought he could potentially compete with Justin Trudeau uh-huh celebrity in particular you know the shine was kind of wearing off troodos fresh face image and sing was potentially seen as the guy who could win the hearts of voters on the left. Those progressive voters.

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