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Use it all that's what i love about energy is that you get into your groove soul that just like your child it becomes natural for you go i wanna go to bed because tomorrow is gonna be a great day so so what's the next evolution of these energy practices they've been volving and practice for five thousand years and now you've sort of taken them out of the monastery and put them into first time into thinking about his he didn't writing down i didn't writing down the whole time they're all this was brought because it was grilled in step by step and you couldn't have gotten through the different attainment levels unless you were able to actually manifested each one of those levels which i know when you go see shame and south america are you see the psychic healers in philippines all places i went and actually stay with him long before i went got to make the china they make a big deal about that but i think your life is a big deal i think your relationship with your family's a big deal i think your your contribution of love and kindness and prowess is a big deal and nobody taps it maybe you hear stories that there was somebody who really showed up in an emergency you know some child was gonna fall in the water and they they caught the most when they woke up this is about waking you up gently and having you return to your real total self and it just keeps expanding would a person be a master it's up to them but you could be a master in making your income go from four figures to seventy eight figures we've had number of people been able to do that over the years you can be a master in art and never learned any painting i think everybody has their own interests a master and taking care of your kid.

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