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From beaver stadium in state college Pennsylvania today the number twelve Penn state Nittany lions host the Purdue Boilermakers. hi everybody along with bend lever I'm Tom McCarthy Jason are which will join us shortly from our Westwood One studios it's a gorgeous day for football it's a homecoming weekend here at Penn state where the Nittany lions are wear uniforms that are very similar to what they where each and every week but it's the generations of greatness uniforms which we'll talk about as the day goes on there warming up in front of us Purdue meanwhile warming up to our left at the beginning of the year ban would people looked at this game on the schedule they thought this was a gauntlet for Penn state because they not only had produced this week but then they run it against all these other great teams moving forward but this is a produkcija that is banged up immensely well they're banged up immensely quarterbacks out number one play maker on offense is out and you know you talk about we we heard the open part about confidence Bencic comes in with a ton of confidence I don't think a lot of people look at them in the big ten this year at the I hate this is gonna be operational on team they lost a lot of town as well there they thought this is gonna be like a rebuilding year for them and now right now they're on fire even from last week then you get a team like Purdue that comes in that is banged up when you talk about confidence and they don't have a lot of confidence coming in from last week with a disco roasted don't don't look at that score from last week against Minnesota that that's that's sucker was out a hand they got lucky to come back I think in the second half that was if you actually watch that game they do not play very well all right Jack plumber makes the start his first road start the big ten for Purdue he said he's ready for he said he is prepared mentally and physically for this well that's one of his biggest attributes is just his brain they said come out of high school he learned this offense in a few months to this at work good with him on the cerebral side of things but this is a tough environment things are gonna happen fast this is going to be a very aggressive defensive line a very aggressive secondary he's not only get to play smart with you'd have to make some plays the speed as well RB well offensively pen steaks on Clifford has been really good as the quarterback AJ handler he's been a really good as the why. right out for Penn state well he he is dynamic use electric it when you when you look at Clifford they don't ask him to do too much he's got to be efficient get the ball out allows play makers to make plays an open space and hammers been you know explosive it doing that the call on the human joystick you watching for ten plays you realize exactly why they do that well much more to come for beaver stadium as we approach kick off between number twelve Penn state and Purdue but when we return Jason Horowitz joins us from a progressive insurance studios getting a quote is easier than ever this is Westwood one's coverage of N. C. A. A. football. it's cutting into your exercise time it's stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind its pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CBT medic.

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