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Has the Progressive Web APPs. Time finally come probably. This is the daily Tech News for Monday April thirteenth. Twenty twenty in Los Angeles on Merit and Studio Redwood. I'm Sarah Lane also in Los Angeles. I'm Lemar Wilson and I understood show's producer. Roger Chang. Where'd you go all right? Cup Is he's like it was like back to the future just started to fade away. We were just talking. We're just fixing Sarah's input problems if you want to do a little podcast troubleshooting We we were doing it. Live on Good Day Internet. Become a member and get that extended show at Patriotair Dot com slash. Let's start with a few things you should know. Bloomberg sources tell Mark Gherman and Debbie. Woo that the successors at the island. Eleven pro and pro. Max which are scheduled for the fall will feature flat stainless steel edges and sharply rounded corners. A lot like the current design of the IPAD pro plus a lighter camera and reduced front notch apples also reportedly working on a lower price homepage about half the size of the original for Q. Two of this year. The rumored Apple Tags for wireless tracking could also be released this year and be bundled with an apple designed leather sleeve and Keychain Zeal Meg Whitman announced at the short form. Streaming service APP had one point seven million downloads in. Its first week. Whitman also said that the service sold out its advertising for its first year and at the company is accelerating plans to let users cast content to largest Greens instagram users report. Instagram's rolling out the ability to view live streams on the web.

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