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Untucked the fruits and see if you can get for its to confess things they apparently he was a nervous wreck with this he wasn't that good at it well i don't think i'd be very good at that yeah yeah for instance the scary guy who says the civilian here so in told fruits at the police have been asking him about the nuisance for its continues to insist that he worked for the cia and he gave v instant pills that he said look commas nerves during interviews with the police now he he had met with fritz 3's himes at no time did fruits have rhythmic to killing the nuisance he told the and he wouldn't see him again after the third meeting so sounds like fritz has some plans yes so the question really get what they wanted now this point they feel like they have enough that they are going to move forward the i think so now says he gave a rundown of the weekend to police when they questioned her she said she had dinner and any hills home in read still on friday night any hill is dr cleaners widow fritz a gun camping in the mountains and she spent saturday at a friend's house then she took the boys to mcdonald's before she went home on sunday afternoon she said fritz called from lexington virginia and asked her to meet him at the natural bridge restaurant for dinner now she drove there with the boys tsa four hour trip they eight in the cafeteria took a short height and then drove all the way back.

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