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The better you bet bet q. L. wonderful wednesday. Nick hostels ken barclay. Rick damn bill. Mass tyler morales. Yeah the clock was going to do the whole stick. The date says september fifteenth. We have a lot of times. It's actually christmas. Because barclays here to give you a college football winners in a segment that we call walk mess and rick. This is day. Three blocks has tyler points out on our chat. We get another another great piece of music debut in this weekend saturday afternoon. The sec on cbs. Pepe pepe true story when i worked for. Cbs sports dot com. In two thousand fifteen. I did sec on. Cbs digital pre. Half and post game show for like three years and the first show i ever did gary danielson call the guy in the post game show who i was doing a with. He was like thanks a lot. Dj the dj williams. And thanks guy. Thin remember my name is dj and you what's slugger. It's like man. I would usually get on big and that situation. You get a guy big guy. It's just a definition of degree. Now i preside over a segment called one coming on coming off of an exciting debut. He's a slap right big guy when he got well. Chief three overs. So here's i like didn't really. Yesterday i came up with the really good time together of all the games like. Let's do all the quarterback injuries. And if i that's in those games creativity well was a little dry today on wednesday. We're obviously going to do all the big games tomorrow. Alabama florida penn state auburn opened the show tomorrow and then friday lock. Mrs just literally like seventy five. That's bay but wednesday didn't really have a great idea. So how about just three overs. That i bet that's a good idea for a second of the three overs. Get his already bad. It's actually twenty but we're gift three out on the show today. All three feature pretty high profile teams but not high profile. Enough that we're gonna talk about these games tomorrow so kind of like that second tier tip a game one really good team playing pretty bad and we're going to be over and all three of these games as we hope that scoring keeps coming back obviously from week one to week to a little bit better and then we would. We would like some overs first game. Why not. I have the side in this game. So we'll just get both out. I like michigan at anything under twenty eight against northern illinois. And i like the over a lot in this game at fifty four and a half. This is literally just a number projection. Might numbers the market. Yes i have made an adjustment for ronnie bell. Being out for the season they played last week. I just by number. There came really close to the market. I think this number of short total wise my projection. The game is about fifty eight. I think there's a room to play this up. At least another point. Fifty four and a half and fifty five would be bets and then michigan under twenty eight my projection for this game is thirty two and a half northern illinois kind of an interesting team upset georgia tech in week one. Who's like somehow still figuring out how to not run an option offense which is really interesting but michigan against teams that they really kind of lay over overmach from its. Our standpoint actually generally really good. That's you never want him against a ranks team ever ever ever. But in these of games western michigan in week one was a good example of that too actually. Don't mind lying big numbers with them again but teams that they have a huge physical advantage over. They actually generally run up the score a lot. Cover a lot of games and and we have a couple of data points from each team. So i feel good about my number here. Michigan under twenty eight over fifty. Four and a half. The over was supposed to be the theme. But whatever i bet michigan. So we'll know that anything under twenty eighth good in that game second game. We're gonna be over on. Here's a team. I have a win. Total over ticket on and can't possibly win already through two weeks. That's pretty awesome about florida state for a second good work. Fellas lose to notre dame and overtime lose jacksonville state. Nick did you see the guy proposing to his girlfriend on the field. After they lost that one would have made it better. Probably than i also saw people start to make the case like whatever. This is so much more important than a game against jacksonville state. I'm like i understand. It's just the optics are very so anyway florida's literally everything that was said. I so i feel that florida state this year. So we're on the same page there. Five and a half in this game at wake forest. Acc conference game. Obviously dave clawson coach of wake forest. Who like literally every year menges to take teams of not talented players. Go seven five like a remarkable show up every like it was a really place in the patriot league and he would always say the leg and we would all be looking like what we beat colgate so we gotta take a lead of the leg. It's like it's god. Yeah that's what the word is. Anyway we're gonna about we don't want about the side we're gonna be over in this game. Sixty one and a half. The total in the market sixty one two hundred sixty two would both be over bets. Offer me. that's game number two and number three really quick because we're running out of time. Ucla this is actually awesome. Maybe we'll do this game again tomorrow. It may be a friend on the. Ucla hosts fresno state who almost beat oregon and lead them. Entering the fourth quarter. All oregon did was go on to beat ohio states. This is a really fun game. Ucla's an eleven and a half point favorite. The total is already been up a little bit open. Sixty one sixty two and a half the number in the market. The good news is this was my largest discrepancy between an opener in my number sixty six and a half as my total numbers already got up another point and a half to sixty two and a half. I still think you can bet it. So sixty two and a half and sixty three would definitely be sixty three and a half a half unit so three overs fresno. Ucla wake forest and florida state and michigan. We're going to lay the points with them and take the over against northern illinois clock. Miss stay number. Three santa laki giving it three overs on wednesday morlock mistake. Four o'clock this tomorrow. Thursday coming up next we end the show. Golf bets fortinet support. Nay the safe whatever the hell it is going to benefit from pro basketball to nikki football soccer bats and so much more. We've got you covered. It's you better. You bet with nick costas and ken barclay from beg to l..

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