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Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant mind not only about basketball about leadership, and that's the key to great coach is leadership, Jack Ramsey's one of my favorite people. So I'm a twenty one year old journalist showing up at these NBA games and everybody's like who the hell is she? Except for Jack Ramsay. He just put his hand out and said, I'm Jack Ramsey and I said, I'm, you know, Jackie MacMullan, and that was that. And I learned so much from him. He thought he was great in the film because he's he covered a scope. He pretty large scope, both the college and the pros, and if I'm not mistaken, didn't he pass away quite soon after right after soon after an and an and then I went up to Syracuse to interview doll shades at his home. I met his son. And when NBA all-star game and his sons set it up Danny Shays and and and Shays was magnificent. He had a nice home in Syracuse where he retired to. He was great player. There as wife was ill, and he was taking care of his wife. So he very, very bright graduated high school sixteen, wow. No, all American NYU and. A great mathematical mind and then. So then from there I went to behind because always ready in Syracuse. I mapped out who I wanted. I had a list hallway every city every location because you've got to think of that. You don't want to go into one city and pay for crew, and you know, you might as well get to a day. If you can three, it's exhausting. As I said. I mean, you know, Bill Russell was almost a six hour interview Oscar Robertson six hours. So that takes a lot out of everyone, you know. And I don't think anyone took a break. That's pretty amazing. I don't think anyone took a break. Did you find when you were interviewing these guys, some of whom you knew some who didn't know you, for instance, Bill Russell, did you know him? I met Russell once or twice. He actually, I did. I'm favor once and I never asked for anything and he, he actually sent me a book would his autograph which was pretty cool. Right? Does that, but but then the next time I saw me he acted like he never knew me. So that's that's spill. Yes. How Bill and I know. Daughter, Karen, you know. So I was wondering because I, the interview with Russell was fantastic. It's great in the film. It's great in the book, and I've found that particularly great because I know Russ pretty well just from being in Boston, and if he doesn't know you, he's not going to give you much. So how did you get Bill Russell to tell you what happened? Thank you. Two things. Two people that he trusts gave him my credentials, Rick Welsh, dear friend for sincere early eighties and Charlie Rosenzweig from the NBA CHA. Charlie, in the NBA been at Charlie's a star, the th they've been great. They've opened so many doors so they opened it up for Russell. I went to Seattle, never been there when I got to his home and right before I pulled up. I got a call from Charlie, then he's not going to do it. Oh, no, yeah, not gonna do it. I said I came out to Seattle. He talking right here. I'm in the driveway. Yeah. Like when you say and I said, oh, no, no, he hates ESPN. He's not doing right. He does hate ESPN you know? So. I at that time it was supposed to be ABC. Oh, the film. So you said we're not ESPN. We're ABC so I walked in and he would the woman in his life. He was with our Janine, very nice and and I made my case and I didn't realize yet hearing issue. So his hearing aids we're not working. So I'm sitting there at his table. I said, look, let me tell you why you should do this. I said, I don't know what your issue is ESPN. This is ABC's and he's the same company, I said, yeah. All right, man. But like come on. And I said, did you see my film black magic. And he says, you did black magic. I said yet. He says, okay. Because same thing with John Thompson, are you black magic. Is a film about, well, our leads a film about. Civil rights movement told through the lives of players and coaches from historical by colleges, but but it's much more than that, it's about the outsider, the person and the institutions that are excluded..

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