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Justice John Paul Stevens who has died at age ninety nine appointed by Republican president Gerald Ford former justice John Paul Stevens is being remembered by Democrats as a model jurist Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer calling Stevens a quote champion for civil rights of quality and accountability we've all his life to the ideal of equal justice under law president trump has a thirty five year tenure on the court will quote continue to shape the legal framework of our nation for years to come Stevens maintained his conservative principles never change during this time of the court if you see more liberal as time went on he said it was because the justices around him and the country became more conservative in Washington John mantle fox news a partial building collapse in west Wichita this morning around one forty first responders were called to sixty sixty seven twenty five west shade near central and ridge where an S. U. V. had collided with an apartment building firefighters found a gas leak and evacuated some residents no injuries are reported red cross was called to assist three adults and three children two people were injured in a shooting in south Wichita it happened just after eight thirty Tuesday evening in the thirty one hundred block of south Elizabeth west of Seneca police say a woman suffered life threatening injuries after being shot a man and four children were also in the home at the time the man was taken to an area hospital to be treated for injuries that were not due to a gunshot additional information is expected to be released later this morning Dan o'neill K. an SS news police continue to investigate the death of a seventy two year old woman in north Wichita police officer Charlie David since as early Monday evening police and first responders were dispatched to the scene a few blocks east of tenth and grow old center county emergency medical service personnel arrived and the female unfortunately was pronounced deceased on the scene the investigation at this time is revealed that the victim's daughter arrived home arrived at the home excuse me right about the home and found her mother unresponsive and notified nine one one a male acquaintance was also in the home at the time an autopsy on the victim is being performed at the regional forensics Science Center to determine the cause of death the Wichita city council putting a hold on a new hotel agreement at Eisenhower airport the proposed hotel was to be built their eyes in our airport parkway and west Terry street north of the airport after hearing the proposed agreement and public comments mayor Jeff long well voiced frustration with the Wichita eagle editorial board and also city staff we didn't get it.

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