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All my life i've been hearing jamie lancaster what a brilliant swordsmen you were slower than i expected and more predictable and he says off i've been sitting in a muddy pen wrapped in chains for a year and she says and i have a woman maybe you were as good as people said one sue or maybe people just love to over pries of famous name there's basically nothing that you could say to jamie that would impact him as severely as that comment but his reaction to this is interesting simultaneously an attempt to turn the tables and basically make her as comfortable as he feel put also soared of the project of the fact that he is actually starting to care he does ha actually have some good in ras inside of him he warns her he says locks men are going to try to rape you tonight you would be wise not to fight now of course she rejects this idea completely she's lately offended i suppose you wouldn't fight right exactly eh calls him out on a hypocrisy and she hates this for everything it represents rate is what she says she supposed to behave as a woman am this is an assault really on her own sense of identity her own sense of strength she is not our fragile damzal she's a fight or so this is really offensive to her and yet she does benefit from his assistance later on right when locks men do attempt to rape her jamie intervenes and he he.

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