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Who knows all in pay oh yes she was in fact one there was a kid he prides you could run through walls i sorry interrupt is your pitch carat for anyway it it threatened by stanley we'll be fee and has great great work fair about wolverine who live the meat life seeks to revenge against victor creed her the death of his girlfriend and victor creative uh sabretoothed and he alternately ends up going through the mutant weapon next programs and hugh jackman we'll be attached to this excellent of the title yes it that excellent what four four four like the prequel and you did like be batman prequel yeah so i think about that in contrast to the first set yeah you know what i i don't think i saw the last xmen but i remember seeing one of the thinking well for the kind of movie it is it hits exactly what it's supposed to be it makes exactly it seems like they set out to do excellent who was better the next men won an extra serie was the worst of the audience he three three so if i'd seen three it probably saying no to this one but since i missed three undersea yeah i like excellent care i think that was that was really good elderberry maitland xmen to was the spiderman to of combat movies okay brian you as a shining and ashman treat with spiderman three of combat with movies as these vitamins you missed nothing's a third of those series restraints parallel first one was good second one was a great step in the right direction of third one was but that step at summer i banned all 3's paul the without the mission possible three summer renault no it was it was it was that the pirate movie area parts air me injuries nothing the parts of carrying being 3s the vitamins revolutions of of threes the 300 shrek 3 admissible shrek deterred i wouldn't say mr mandelson well let me say this movies and missing i i'm not gonna i i i might miss this one but i wanna see be made.

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