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At some good moments in some some moments that were at war we we were looking for of didn't like the interception we got the turnover the fence took the ball way uh you know what happened fast warm i thought he should should want the number to check the ball down uh he was under the duress all night i thought he did some good things in the pocket making some plays under duress but uh you know the go offense needs work went on rhythm right now coach bend maggie do not disguising things in critiquing his team putting the blame for that delay of game penalty at the goal line squarely on ally manning uh obviously not the generic coach speak that we would usually here from an nfl head coach rather that's a coach in the big apple throwing whose quarterback under multiple mass transit buses be an analyst lose ridic with van pelt is as a fair critique i mean yeah and the next rally it is but we don't really know what the tire sequence of how the play came in we will all the things that happened right there that regardless of whether it's fair not is that ever really a good look they're really good look for a coach to do that to go i mean that that's frustration boiling over overripe clearly when you know and it's not just i don't think that's his temporary like shortsighted frustration i think that's a realization normally football teams in trouble and this bigger problem than eli getting the ball snapped there because that play okay yep you could save maybe it leads to and helps contribute to the loss but this fundamental issues here the maybe you should go up to jerry reaches office and talk to him about how you can get the it's of wine a little bit better hey maybe call more running plays give bayer running back maybe something like that deal with those kind of things instead of.

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