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Was a homicide. I'm Beth Myers and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie okay news center. The death of an elderly woman who fell and broke her hip and a senior living center in Oklahoma City back in August has been ruled a homicide Oklahoma City police say eighty four year old y Nima Patterson got into an altercation with another resident right before she fell. She died on October eighteenth. And her death was tied to the broken hip. Police say the case was presented to the district attorney's office, which declined to file charges and a former Sperry police officer has been arrested on drug charges when the OS be I started an investigation back in October. Thirty two year old Michael town was an active police officer. But then he resigned his position during the investigation when he was arrested yesterday on charges of distribution of a controlled substance and attempted unlawful. Possession of controlled drugs. Any was booked into jail in Tulsa, and we know now it was the body of a Hughes county sheriff's deputy found last night. After shots were fired. Inside a residents in Seminole county. Emergency responders found the body of twenty one year old deputies Seth Mason. He only been working for the sheriff's office for about seven months before that he was an EMT in a firefighter when we woke up the death is under investigation, Tulsa, police say there were numerous people inside an apartment in east Tulsa early Sunday. When a fifteen year old girl was shot in the chest and killed. It was initially reported as a self inflicted shooting. But police now say that is not the case the girl has been identified as Brittany Urania. It happened at the Belmont apartments. And authorities say an investigation into a hotel homicide has led to an arrest. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right? Why Oklahoma City police have yet to release the name of the sixty year old woman whose body was found Friday in a room with the Biltmore hotel? Tell south Meridian avenue in Oklahoma City. They have arrested a suspect fifty-five your Glenn. Vance Cy was in the room at the time. According to investigators van sidewalk arrested on complaints of first degree murder and possession of a controlled dangerous substance a charter plane carrying the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes made an emergency landing in Tulsa over the weekend. It was because of a noxious smell and a cabin. A team spokesman says it was like the smell of burning plastic. The plane was traveling from Long Beach, California back to Raleigh Durham, North.

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