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We're talking about at the end. 'cause like member advocate. You and I were as fighting Edmonson against Pantoja and we were both talking like that fight absolutely ruled, and we were like imagine if this was on the main card, the files that have a new superstar, and then he gets the Fight Against Job Mrs? Way had bought this and that, and then all everyone is just vilifying him like then, said all the drama leading up to the fight, and then it seems like every time he touched jobe. Jobe fell down and it's it was. It was one of those fights those tough to watch, and the fact that was so one sided in a championship fight. The I don't know any fi was out there who are who are going to pose many problems to a guy with that much dynamite at the end of his hands, a hundred twenty five pounds. Because honestly you go up to one thirty five or probably be is just as dangerous so if you stick around twenty, five continues to make that way I don't see a lot of fighters. They oppose many problems to him. was. I want to go back to you because we were talking about this a little bit before when live. Lebo Joseph Ben Evita's I mean this guy has been around for so long. He's one of the very best to ever do it to not become a UFC chappie so well respected. He was the sentimental favourite coming in especially here in the United States and. I don't want to take anything away from Davis, ghetto, because he threw a perfect game tonight, but that was heartbreaking to watch. especially you know someone covering the sports. Somebody's followed. Benhamouda's for so long in especially. If you're a benefit fan that was rough I mean it goes without saying that he's talked to a lot of media members, and they say like who's your favorite fighters to interview? A lot of them will put Joe. Be On that list. He's he's. He's very understanding with his time. He gives great answers. He has interest outside. Outside of fighting that he's so passionate about and we'll talk about, but he's he. You can't find. I don't think you can find anyone in this business. That doesn't have a good thing to say about Joseph Benefitis I mean I was doing a pros react like the twitter site, and the amount of crying emojis like the emojis with cries like the amount of sadness. I saw just in his fellow fighters tweets. tweets it was that the the if you'd make a ratio, people say congratulations to Figueredo and people lamenting the fact that jobe lost. It was maybe three to one people upset. That Joseph Benedict has lost so just the fact that his fellow fighters are that much heartbroken. That Joseph interviews losses talent on how the sport view symon where he goes from here I. Don't know I wouldn't be surprised if you hung. Hung it up, but if you want to keep fighting because he wants to keep fighting. I'M NOT GONNA. Tell him not to I'm never gonNA. Tell her that they have to retire, but he's not going to get a title shot anytime soon. He's to Owen to against the current champion. He's he's not had I'd still think is the best fighter to never win about in any sort of major promotion He's too small for one thirty five, so if he wants to keep fighting just because he loves to keep finding. By all means keep going, but I don't know where he goes from here if he still wants a title. Aka Anything you want to add to that? look, it's no secret that we like Joseph obidos around here. He's been a fantastic guests on copy talk with with Estrin Casey so not just a good dude Jose says as everyone in the media will acknowledge, but a friend, a friend of the site for sure, and it was hard to watch. You know for me I don't know I don't know him personally, but I will say I'm a fan of his work, and the story would be such a good one to finally went. Figueredo is a great story to I'm sure when we you know. People dig a little deeper his background where he came from those e you. You know it's just inspirational as any athlete that has a struggle and then make it to the top, but Bennett so much of it has happened in front of us so much. That story has happened in front of us and to see him fall short one more time, and in really such brutal fashion. I mean there's visuals the finish a with him getting choked out. Unfortunately, that's going to be a main. That's going to be something of replay that we're GONNA see for years. You know that's and that's. That's the business right but If this is the end for benefit as I'll, I'll, I'll pull cocktail here and say. Everything has badly otherwise wouldn't end right so. Little started bringing down, but congratulations though of course Davison. Figueredo that was that was awesome. Awesome. We're not gonNA. Do any matchmaking talk for this particular fight because Alex some breaking news here. If you you feel like you haven't heard enough of myself Alex. keenly from a podcasting front we are adding another podcast to the network starting this week onto the next one. That was a a column that was like two thousand words every week. We're now going to condense that until like a twenty to twenty five minute podcast every week doing the matchmaking that way, so that's GONNA launch. We're going to record that tomorrow. Probably Watch Monday morning I think that was the plan, but Maybe it will launch tomorrow. But we're GONNA. Turn that into podcasting form, so we'll talk about the match. Make yourself a little bit later, but this is also like the side after dark. Should you guys got questions? Comments thoughts on the events. We will get to those a little bit. We'll get to as many as we can. It's it's early. We could do this for the next five hours. Want to probably won't, but we could. Let's talk about the Coleman Event Jose Young. Jeffery Manson submits Calvin Casselman just over a minute. That was pretty surprising to see it and like that because we thought if anyone was going to finish this fight in the first round is probably GonNa be Kelvin Dascomb? INFORMATICA WAS GONNA win at least in my eyes I thought he would..

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