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Stugatz on ESPN radio. What is the consensus in the shipping container filled with frightened refugees does Obama? No, who Stu guts, is Obama's a sports fan, he golfs with Kornheiser yesterday. We'll bond wouldn't let go of his hand because he wanted to maximize the photo opportunity of holding the president's hand and. Continuing the conversation and he knows sports people he did he dab up, Stephen Smith. Oh, yes. Of course. Yep. Tweet eight about it. Hang on. I think if he's stumbled into stugatz he'd do one of these things he'd snap his fingers ESPN, the while you're making them. And now what are you doing there? What are you doing? He definitely does not have awkward exchanges. Like he is some move. He sees guts. What's up man gives him a hug? And he keeps moving before the conversation goes any deeper and he proves that he does away. Nobody believes that. He doesn't know who's gone says. Oh, he knows to got here is the tweet from Stephen nice just had the pleasure of meeting, the man, himself apparati Obama. He is in a house at the game asked if I needed to calm down. He said, Nope, it's working for you. Run with it. No reason for me to go against his advice. Hashtag ha I see that exact exchange having to God's too, though he tells them it's working for you. Run with it. I think he says that everyone to be polite about everything your stuff is working for you. Really? So you're getting into territory where you think that he doesn't know who Stephen as is that what you know, or you're suggesting that he didn't have a unique message for Stephen only told Stephen. Hey, former president insincere it's, it's damn near impossible to be a sports fan and not know who Stephen a Smith is at this point, is it like is, is, is there, someone who's a legitimate sports fan anywhere in sports in America, that doesn't know who Stephen a Smith is? That's not even possible. Is it non sports fans know him? In fact, I saw campaign. That's our Ganic on Twitter to get Stephen aid to be the next Jay Joan Jameson in a Spiderman franchise. I think this is an inspired casting an absolutely needs to happen. What do you imagine that, that looks like I take every day he doesn't have to change a thing about it? He just has to be Stephen a Smith and just argue with Peter Parker instead of max Kellerman. It's perfect for him. Stugatz. Do you think the president or the former president of the United States knows who you are? I mean, he loves ESPN, he could soums ESPN Columbia's panda isn't to know. Look, does he love and consume ESPN news. Right. That is. That's, that's what I'm trying to figure. Definitely knows Dan. Right. There's no question about he watches. I mean listen, he watches the mothership. I don't know if downs ESPN new year when you're on the mothership every damn member. They went on the pardon. The interruption guys went on the links with forty four and forty four mentioned your article on Cuba. So he knows you by name. Yeah. Well, he knows what my stance is on Cuba on. You know, he knows you and got to show up on around the horn a couple times, and highly questionable a few times, and his name is sue God's it's one of those names that resonate in this industry, right? So around the horn is well, of course, I was in that Mike and the mad dog thirty for thirty might leave shots. I mean. Wins across final four. Honestly, if yesterday he didn't tell we'll cut it out with the stugatz stuff. I'd be very surprised very surprised because you said, we'll bond you running away from me. And you know what he was running away from. He knew he was going to tell them like, hey, take it easy guys, you're going to little hard on him lately. I know what has to happen here. You gotta have your people reach out to his people, Dan. And then just find out if he knows it's got this, okay. Allison, call the call the White House and see what we can make happen there. After you found anti Ruis junior police because I'd like to talk to the anti, it's an it. No. It's Andy Andy. No percents. It anti..

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