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Bomber county executive there kevin campbell that's not good news at all in fact the not good news for really most of the candidates running because there's no clearcut person who is running out in front there's a new mason dixon poll of the maryland democrat slowly democrats were full and thirty two percent of them are still undecided that's a significant percentage of her sharon baker the prince george's county executive leads the pack with 26 percent that's not necessarily going to assure him of of the nomination check kevin candidates the baltimore county executives it does fared even worse he's only got fifteen percent for a second willing to go out with kevin we'll get to you just a second but i think the most significant aspect of this south pole is uh of the democrats these are just democrats now was that forty one percent of people polled did not recognize cabinets his name or anything about him and that was the best showing among all the democrats running job to talk your job to listen no let me talk first off okay what are you have to say a federal anyway it it it doesn't bode too well for catholic cabinets on america's three months before the primer the primaries what june 26th if i'm not mistaken so you have a little a little over three months from now is the primary and of course the winner of that is going to face off against a hogan in the fall and he's at forty one percent don't know him right now recognize him don't know the name donating of bound him other than he's got a d than pretty pathetic forty one percent and as i said that's the best showing even rocher in baker a lot of you know may even more people don't recognize him at of coercion been jellison the others who were the others while the way early polling like one to four other no chance no chance at all in jealousy easy he's at fourteen percent candidates fifteen percent and returned baker at twelve twenty six percent but do segment were a there's no clearcut a.

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