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Convict he announced earlier this year. He is not running for re election. So I'm promising news and the number of new cases of covert 19 in the U. S. New daily cases of coronavirus have fallen almost 23% over the past week as the vaccination effort ramps up more than 14 million Americans have now been fully vaccinated, and CDC Director Rochelle will ends, he tells Fox News Sunday. We anticipate by the end of the summer, we will have enough vaccine in order to vaccinate the entire U. S population that is eligible. Meanwhile, the investigation into the origin of the virus is heating up with the World Health Organization accusing China of stonewalling it's researcher boxes. Jonathan's Terry. The Navy says three sailors aboard the U. S. Has Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for covert 19 last year. Massive outbreak on board the ship forced it to be important. Guam for nearly two months, America is listening to Fox News. W E Mail news at 10 02. I'm sharing Rairden. If you live in Maryland or own a small business, there are struggling financially. You may soon beginnings, the money from the state governor, Larry Hogan signed the $1 Billion Relief Act of 2021 into Law this afternoon Relief Act. Offers a real lifeline to those hardest hit. If you filed for the earned income tax credit, you'll get $500 if you have kids and 300. If you don't If you're unemployed, you won't have to pay state or local income taxes on your benefits. And if you own a small business, you could get a sales tax credit of up to $12,000. House Speaker Adrienne Jones. This is a big deal. Heather Curtis Sound W M A. L and W M a l dot com. Numbers released by Baltimore Police show that the city is averaging almost one homicide per day since the start of the year, the Police Department reported. 38 homicides is January 1st compared to 41 for the same period last year, and that was before US 16 year old was shot and killed inside an apartment this morning. Police say there have been 70 nonfatal shootings, this dear backed up from 65 in the same period when compared with last year and frustration is building following the latest CDC guidance on reopening schools. What we expected was that when the vaccines rolled out, schools would start opening up, and instead what President Biden and teachers unions have done Has pulled the rug out from all the families were ready to go back. Worry Cooper, a parent of three, Fairfax County elementary aged students, tells w e mails mornings on the mall. Even after everyone's vaccinated. We might not get back to normal school until maybe 2022. Cooper and his schools can't open safely. I can look just down the street to a private or parochial school. That's open five days a week in our own neighborhood Barber Britt W. M a. L and W m a l dot com W m A L News time is 10 04. I'm sharing rairden. Now Here's your W. M mail, traffic and weather from the Hadeed carpet cleaning traffic center over the capital Beltway between Central Avenue and Richie Marlborough rode at a stable vehicle blocks the tooth center lanes for use Extreme caution. Traveling in that area. Now on Mary Field, the ramp from the outer loop to west down 66 is narrow toe one lame through that long term work stone and eastbound 56 between Sycamore Street in Fairfax Drive. An accident blocks the right lane and in Northeast D. C. Sheriff Road is closed between 51st Treatment Eastern Avenue because of Iraq. I'm r J McCready now from Garage Door Repaired Calm. The W M A. L ABC seven Storm Watch Forecast Rain tonight Low 36 Chance for rain again tomorrow High 52 When the Great Aretha Franklin recorded respect, it became more than just one of the greatest phones of all time. The song took on monuments to the Africans. You wanted Jim people, dignity and respect and you want to receive the report didn't just she raised her voice for civil rights or entire life. We salute recording legend Aretha Franklin during Black History Month 2020. Cumulus media and W M A L Celebrate Black History.

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