Caltrans, Frank Munich, Bay Bridge discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


On KCBS I'm Peter finch I'll tell you about Caltrans is the latest effort to get us to be careful and move over find a way to KCBS first for traffic let's get over the traffic center and check in with Frank Munich so certainly behooves you to be careful how old on the roadways we do have a little bit of slow traffic and that's about it no major accidents or old school slow traffic comes courtesy of the upper deck of the bay bridge will still thing under the limit traffic on westbound eighty pretty much beginning dresses you get the end of the tunnel and continuing out on to the westbound eighty sky way in San Francisco out to the one a one split Caltrans road work causing a little bit of brake tapping in Castro valley this is on the connector from west bound five eighty for the north bound to thirty eight and on west bound five eighty right at that two thirty eight split sing a little bit of slow going again also through a bit of cal trans road work on the eastbound eighty that to the slowing begins pretty much right add make bride Avenue in San Pablo and that's going to continue on up to hilltop drive in the L. sobriety and a little bit of a slow down on you spell Davey approaching the Carquinez bridge tolls your next traffic updated nine eighteen on the traffic leader in our forecast tonight some clouds along the coast with overnight lows in the fifties and sixties honey in the morning and then sunny in the afternoon tomorrow highs will be.

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