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By your user base are always the sort of grassroot ones that community ones and Apple's doing a really good job of amplifying this. So if you have an iphone doesn't matter how old the photo shown their iphone seven iphone, six iphone six s not biasing this towards the latest or the greatest just get out there and shoots. And if you want to share and get a little bit of attention the shot of Petra in. Erdem Samak is is really good because it avoids all of the tourists and the spoofs in the stands and all the other garbage around the beautiful car. Thanks that. It makes it look. So you've never seen a picture. I'm gonna when I go to Petra which I'm doing this fall. I'm going to take pictures where you see all the other stuff. Just so people know. Have you been to the the snow monkeys in in Japan? I want to go to Nagano. Well. Yeah. And you go up there, and it looks so pristine, but then it's like concrete, and there's a whole bunch of people like literally, really. A great events is like those monkey. I why would they leave? Well, someone said, well what if we get in the monkeys? I'm not like that they will are very strong outright spending time at one hundred monkeys. Here's a great video from Peter McCain and a couple weeks ago called the bucket shot. We're always life. You wanted to get this one shot in Elbert this beautiful lake with snow and still water. And you see him get the shop than appeals back, and there's like one hundred people around him trying to get the exact same time. But the and and not get anybody else in the same an anchor watts like that if you go to anchor watt, there's there's two pools on either side of the of the main area, and there is about two thousand people on the wrong pool or has a horrible shot of Mandra what with because but the stores are over there. And I guess the tourists are the guides take them all over there. So they buy stuff, and then there's like one hundred people that know that the other side is it, but still one hundred people that you're trying to like move around and try to get your that one shot that every and everybody takes xactly the, Sean. So I think I think he that guy also has shot a video of like there's that famous like little sort of like washed out desert rock formation that tells us that beautiful lighting in a resort. And so. Again, this Bill you can get this beautiful shot of like, orange rocks. And the sunlight streaming, and and he I think he didn't other video that was where he went there. And was literally like you go on you get the special photo pass. And it's twenty people lining up to okay, your turn step up here. And then then the person who arranged a triple throw the sand in the air to get that sort of dusty effect, like ten seconds. Okay. Click. Yeah. Yeah. That's that doesn't seem like that doesn't seem like the the the the adventure of creativity, uniqueness, and expression. It's Chris it was inveighing against Instagram hashtags for locations. And there's even if you go to where was it was somewhere in in Utah? They say, please don't hash tag this photo because it has just caused huge problems for a lot of these most the most scenic spots in the world because it's just all these people. Well, I gotta get my Instagram shot of this. You know? Yeah. That's the Jackson. That's what it was we go to the most famous famous landmarks in the world. There's always a unique shot to get there. And when you see one hundred people all into the same thing, you know, that it's time to go go to try to find the other side of that thing. It's just yeah. Do up. Sorry have have fun the way you would like to have fun, but it's sometimes between photography and just doing a photo scavenger hunt. Yeah. Oh, also one note on the iphone contests. No nude. He's. Oh, well, they want by the way what you're humans. You get humans..

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