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When she plays she is fine, whatever. My argument for and I think that this is like a full fledged debate that we saw touched on a little bit but not enough discussion is just like as you touched is MVP the best player on the best team or is it the player who makes their team the best, right? Because that was the argument for Tina Charles being in the conversation last year when she was in D.C. and she was putting up insane numbers leading the league in scoring doing all this craziness, but on a team that was mediocre at best. I completely disagree with that. I think it needs to be a combination of two. It's not inherently the best player on the best team. And it's not inherently the player that is putting up the best stats, whatever. Is a combination of the two. So for me, looking at that from that perspective and obviously the weighing of it, it's like a fine wine, 60% Merlot, 15% cab sav, whatever it is. For me, I voted stewie and Asia was my number two. Because for people who don't know the way the voting works for MVPs, you do a list of 5 and you rank them in order and different points go for each position that you place them in. For me is stewie just because all the things we touched that I think last night, as you said, Rachel, very eloquently, because you stole my words. Stewie last night was the prime example of why the argument for her being MVP, right? She puts up 42 points, shot a better percentage than Chelsea gray in every aspect and Chelsea gray is putting up a ridiculous point, ridiculous amount of points, ridiculous high percentage dual Lloyd steps up, but it was really like throughout the season. Nobody else was really there. Providing for stewie and stewie did it and not only, but I think the cool aspect and the exciting thing for, you know, looking back at this year, but also looking forward when you look at stewie and Asia, not only do we have two of the greatest the two greatest basketball players in the world right now in their primes going up against each other. But we also have a situation where they are set to go on and be the shepherds of this league. And to be there from the beginning and watch it go through is amazing. And can not be understated is there was two main people in that VP discussion and three people in the defense play of the year discussion. Stewie and Asia were in both of those. Like just let that sink in of like, oh yes, Asia is a defensive display of the year and the MVP this year. But the fact that stewie was also in that discussion where I don't remember stewie being in defense player of the year discussion until this year. And I don't remember Asia realistically either. So for both of them to not only be the top players in the league and in the world, but also be growing their game, expanding their game in the off season, that's the part. That's it for me. And how happy are you that they're big, Rachel. It's not a guard. You know, I was the one that was like, shoot, is this the year we're going to have a guard as MVP, you know? So let's look down at some of the breakdowns. I think some of this is fascinating. You had Asia Wilson 31 first place votes, Brianna Stewart, 23 first place votes, top 5 by total points, Wilson, 478 stewie, 446 Kelsey plum, a 181, Alyssa Thomas, 94, Candace Parker, 78, Candace Parker and Chelsea gray also each. Got a first place vote. I think what's fascinating is there was a ballot that did not have Stewart or Wilson on it at all, which I think is fascinating. Completely. Who yeah. Who phoned it in? No, because and here's the thing. Here's the thing. You can and I feel like when and I'll speak for you, Rachel, but when we finally completely left off about both of them. Who are the voters? Well, so that's what I want to say is like, Rachel and I are like, when we were asked to be voters, we take it very seriously. We are very humbled. It was something we wanted for a very long time. And we take it very, very seriously. We will analyze and analyze and go. And debate and go back at each other and scream at each other and yell at each other. Now, look, you might disagree with who I voted for MVP. Pretty much every game of the season. Yeah. You might disagree who I go for MVP. You might disagree where I vote or where it is. But at the end of the day, you can't look at me and you can't look at Rachel and go, you're phoning this in your, you know, your bias is showing, in a sense of like, you just dislike this place or whatever it is. Disagree with who we did. But understand, and I would hope that anybody who listens to the pot or anybody who knows who we are, understands the amount of time and effort and stress and hair pulling that went into our decisions for all of the votes. That said, I think part of the reason that we take it so seriously and part of the reason that we put so much pressure on ourselves in this vote, not to pat ourselves on the back, is because of things like that. Is because for years we've seen these ridiculous aspects happen and you're like, well, what the hell is this? And that's why we take seriously. These are players legacies. That's what I'm saying. I believe this should be this should be a serious as anything else that a media member can possibly do. And yeah, I mean, clearly, I think that there are some question marks in different voting aspects that have come out the last few weeks or so in general. I think that we should be completely transparent who voted what? What do you think that? I'm totally down for it. It's funny because people tweet at me as if we aren't transparent about it, and we've been like openly talking. Good for you. I don't care. I'm actually like for everything minus the defensive player of the year. Just to let you know. Yeah. Defense player of the year, my all defensive team was off. I mean, I think I had the ten, but I didn't have them in the same first season, whatever, and then coach of the year. Whatever. Let's talk about the Connecticut sun Chicago game. Game 5 was pushed. I mean, so I saw someone tweet this and I want your take on this. In game three,

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