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You know who might not be running it back though? Minnesota United, there's a statement that they put out a minute of reynoso has been suspended without pay by Major League Soccer for failure to report to pre season training. We have no additional information beyond that at this time. They've been freaking out. In Minnesota, and rightfully so, where are we at with this Doyle? It appears we're at nowhere with it, which is shocking to me because well, last week, I think it was last Monday's show. I came out and I said, what I expect to happen is that, you know, he'll say, it was a Thursday. I said, I think he'll report with ten days left. And he'll play 30 minutes the first week and 35 the second week and the third week he'll play 65 minutes and everybody will be grumbling, then we'll have the international break and come back and it'll be a 90 minute player and everybody by May will have forgotten that this has happened. But I nosed around a little bit, talked to some folks at Minnesota United. They're really not happy with him in Renault has been a handful since day one. He's not an ideal type of leader in terms of what you want to build your team around. Obviously on the field, he has been mostly spectacular, though he had, you know, not as good a year last year as I think we could have asked for. He's been on the field mostly like the type of guy that you would build your team around. Off the field from day one, he has been, you know, he's mercurial. But they've always been able to live with that. They've always been able to say, yeah, that's him, but it's worth it because of what he brings us. There is a level of frustration and disappointment around this player. That has, I have never heard from Minnesota folks before. And again, I'm talking people at the team. This is really tough. It does not look like it's going to work out happily. I suspect still that he will find a way to come back to Minnesota and then that staff will do what they can to smooth things over because the team is literally built around him. But it feels like some bridges are damn near burned at this point.

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