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Welcome to the big fellas podcast where we trap it up about all things past present and future about the game of basketball where facts. Stats and context reigns supreme blasphemous. Sometimes it gets crazy but we always keep it real. Always get ready to learn from players coaches and fans from all levels of the game and see the court and a brand new way and now fresh off the sidelines. Here's your host john. Hart oh phyllis what did you fellas and welcome to the big fellas basketball podcast. I'm your host. Jay h coming to you from new york city the mecca of basketball today. I'm excited to be joined by nikos. Okay comorian twenty twenty. Nba draft prospect. And a dear friend of mine. That i'm very happy to have met in new york right. Before the pandemic we spoke about nickel coming to america from greece as a teenager to play with the best high schools in the world. How dirk nowitzki inspired him to become the here today and why. It's always family over everything you've got to go and in store for today fellas episode number forty one nikos look at twenty twenty. Nba draft prospect. Yes and if you let us pass yes we're done begun on a gun at niko. I'm doing great man so happy to have you wanted us episodes while making to finally get to talk to one of my boys the biggest fellow i know for shirt. Yes syria sur. Sure sure. let's just get right into it. Can you kind of tell us what it was like for you. Growing up greece and playing basketball there. Were you always tall always good. What did that look for you. Playing basketball in greece was like a unique experience for me. Because i started playing because of my friends when i went to feel liquors at the time had a lot of lot of african kids basically when when when when you go there you felt like home for years for like like in africa like you see a lot of africa hooper's so the people you are talking like coasters. His liberal alex snively although the world knows them closest champion atlanta playing overseas. Explain so so we like hand got a lot. When i went there and talk a lot like it was like instantly like we bond and we're talking basketball so they they kind of helped me transition because at the time i'll just you know basketball was like the friends and all that so they'll be out of the deeper mice to bermuda thinking..

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