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Write your business stuff has been really yummy. And so and as I looked back on my was like my 2011 vision and my to feel list and so often my to-do list ends up speaking it cuts in line Cuts in mind for my studio list. And so I am getting back to life feel list and I am trusting that the The To Do List will happen that I will create I will do is I need to do I will delegate Some will just be miraculously done for me. I hope you got some inspiration today. Thanks for listening. I think I may turn this into a podcast off because that's what feels good. I think that's the other thing too. Right? Like I've been done this podcasting journey and I make up that I'm supposed to be doing it another way instead of recording lives and what feels really good is too, and have a conversation where there's some connection where there's some connection and when I have some response back from you instead of just talking into my giant microphone. Brilliantly babbled and maybe that's the new name of the podcast. I feel like my podcast name has to change its better life better work. And it I I I just want better life. I want a loss unfiltered. I don't know what I want. I I want something Wild and Free. I had my few years that were wonderful. They have served me of this neutral palette the song troll pallet and I am done with neutrality neutrality for a season help get me stable help get me stable financially it helped get me stable with my family life and I am done with the energy of 444 and I am moving back into Wild and Free. I don't know what this incarnation of wild and free will look like it probably won't be painting off but what the new version of wild and free and she remembered like I was thinking that's the book. I want to write. I don't want to I can write share your heart show your work books already written. I just need.

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