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Yeah it just it evolved from their blog. Itself is for anyone who is feeling stock and lake. They are struggling with defining themselves beyond a diagnosis passed a circumstance and he started Society placed on us or can place on and want to find their joy beyond that. I think it's so important to figure that out. And it's a little bit too unison. Not very good at handling people with kid gloves. So that's why Stop feeling sorry for yourself part and then go out and find your joy it is so easy to feel stuck so it could be just where we are emotionally or a circumstance that we're finding ourselves in and so just as you were saying that your messages to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to find the joy so i'd love you to chat a little bit more with me. About what exactly that means to you. And why is that message so important while sort of back a little bit because i know stop feeling sorry for yourself for a lot of people can be really harsh sounding and i get that and i'm not seeing that you cannot and should not honor any feelings of despair or sadness or hopelessness that you may be feeling because when we get struck with news that we don't know what to do with that's that's all normal and that's natural and for me to say that i did not spend days laying on the floor sobbing listening to raila montaigne feeling incredibly. Sorry for myself lying. I did that and that's normal. I think it's important to honor a grieving process. When something when your life doesn't go the way but equally as important to honoring that is then seeing yourself as strong and as the person you were created to be and not created were not given not situation to wallow in it and to allow it to define you. I have never ever believed in the whiny phenomenon. I don't really know why. I mean it's even when i was younger. I didn't understand that..

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