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You know kyle then chase now other so good in so prepared is such a young age that even though their rookies you know minutes it on offense to fair term with them they're they're much more experience a much better position but then you know what typically i think rookies have been in the in the past in our sport auburn some sales well allen the the part of the reason that chases is as advanced as he is this he doesn't have a lot of the the preconceived notion tennis had to say for example if you had a veteran guy coming into that seat doesn't seem like he's really open to try and things and sam okay we'll a balance as a must be right yeah i mean i think there is part of the advantage of having a younger driver or that doesn't have a lot of experience in there there were so we know what to expect are or they don't gonna charlotte say you know one in in nineteen eighty four with this in this the with the car felt like in this one i think you need to do one again i'm so you know that's kind of been edge of of the lock of experience that you have is he's a go and take you know it to to asia for really what it is and in stone limping concede notion so yes i think that's a slight advantage in in in you know in the situation of not having the experience is is just not having preconceived notion of i do think the best guys in the sport understand that you know i'd after die you have transition you have to change are you have to improve and if you don't are you not going to run a very well because you know things of all that light speed in our sport so i think that it a little bit easier when you don't have the experience but i do think.

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