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To you by the van loans school at endicott call it a coup fall day out there with increasing clouds particularly for the second half of the afternoon a south southeast when 5 to 10 miles per hour today passing clouds and some showers overnight with a flurry or to that may make send no impact their temperature's fall through the 40s into the '30s that the arctic front coming in tomorrow will be windy and frigid sunny skies temperatures in the thirties wind chill values drop from the 20s into the teens northwest wind gusts at times to forty miles per hour tomorrow record cold lows in jeopardy on saturday morning sunny high of thirty nine less wind in the afternoon not as cold increasing clouds later sunday high of forty five i'm wbz tv meteorologist danielle niles wbz newsradio 1030 forty seven degrees partly sunny in boston at one of cbs friday plo for the reagan family fighting for justice we have a goal to put an end of blood on these streets protective widget spas to sit back and allow a young boy to get a boost not o'meara watching and keeping their cities save my job is to get a dangerous killer off the streets little ones on the frontlines he is all in a day's work 30000 cops the city you never know what's gonna be watching app wound blood's cds pledge eight or stream it live or on demand usa a main couple is behind bars after they allegedly kidnapped the woman's to twin girls from their home town of plymouth the girls were found unharmed last night here from abused kim tunnicliff they were snatched from their bus stop after school nine year old twin girls are now back at home safe with their father here employment for the children's estranged mother in her boyfriend are jailed in maine facing kidnapping charges plymouth police chief mike but terry says it looks like sharise ford and craig would join had been planning this kidnapping will dohrn had been watching children weaved for the day when we think may be swim suit the for preparation the girls were found unharmed epa joins home in lowest in maine this little boy is friends with the twins he is very relieved this story has a happy ending i was pretty worried for them.

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