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Good morning. I'm Stephanie gaines Bryant, the top local stories we're following this hour. Montgomery county fire and rescue crews have rescued a pilot and a passenger who were trapped inside a small plane that was entangled in a utility tower in Montgomery village. The crash happened at around 5 30 Sunday near the intersection of rothbury drive and goshen road. Here's Montgomery county fire chief Scott Goldstein. Both patients have been transported from the scenes to local area trauma centers with serious injuries. Maryland state police have identified the pilot as 65 year old Patrick Merkel of Washington, D.C., and the passenger as 66 year old Jan Williams of Louisiana. They were rescued from the plane at around 1230 this morning. Crews are still working to remove the plane from the power lines. The incident caused widespread power outages throughout the county. Pepco says it's restored service to all customers, impacted by the crash this morning, but last night up to 120,000 people were without power. Meanwhile, Montgomery county public schools in offices are closed for today due to the outages, all Montgomery college campuses and locations are also closed for today. Last June, a woman was shot and killed in Annapolis on the weekend she was dropping her midshipman son off at the naval academy. Her accused killer's trial is scheduled for today. Angelo harrod of Annapolis is charged with first and second degree murder for the killing of Michelle Cummings of Houston, Texas. The trial was scheduled to last three weeks. She was in town for the induction ceremony of her son into the naval academy, she was sitting on a patio at the graduate hotel when police say stray bullet coming from harrod's gun hit her. She was not believed to be the target of the shooting and Herod also faces attempted murder charges for shooting at two other people coming sun, Trey is now a sophomore in place, offensive lineman on the midshipman football team. A slower growth rate in real estate is behind the possibility of higher taxes in Alexandria. Alexandria is facing a $17 million budget shortfall, and as a result, the city council will be considering raising taxes in the budget that will be worked out this coming year for 2024. According to Alexandria now, mere Justin Wilson hopes attacks increase won't happen, but the city manager has been asked to present the city council with two budget alternatives, one for a tax hike and one without. Jim Perez on tells that news outfit that city staff is expecting a shallow recession to impact the city this spring, mostly due to an increase in city operations. Sandy cosell, WTO news. There's a growing push around the country, including in our area to make marijuana fully legal, a new study backs that up. 59% of U.S. adults believe marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational use for adults, while 30% say it needs to have a doctor's approval. Only 10% of American surveyed recently by the Pew Research Center think it should be illegal either way. There were differences too by political party affiliation. 45% of Republicans and Republican leaning voters are pro marijuana legalization, while 73% of Democrats and democratic leaning voters feel the same way. In November, voters in Maryland approved a ballot to make a small amount of recreational marijuana legal for adults over 21, medical marijuana, that's already legal. Shane as doolin, WTO P news. Coming up after traffic and weather will tell you how the best deals can be made on cyber Monday. It's four O 7. A story of

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