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The tunnel at least for the city of Wuhan in China here's Simon and charter is lifting a two months locked down in the province where the corona virus outbreak first emerged the local government and who pay probably second most places from tomorrow anyone with a clean bill of health will be allowed to leave the area well that is at the center city of Wuhan will remain locked down for the fifteen days of a province with tens of millions of residents has reported almost nephew inspections for more than a week meanwhile the fight against corona virus grows in the US with the number of dead rising nearly six hundred people in the U. S. have died because of Kobe in nineteen fifteen states have issued stay at home orders and the struggle is on to get medical gear New York mayor bill de Blasio says city hospitals are just ten days away from running out of basic equipment California governor Gavin Newsom says his state's hoping to get one billion sets of gloves and a Washington state Providence house spindles put out the call for one hundred million masks Jeff because of because tailored usually makes upholstery but now its employees are making masks about the people about the what about really loving neighbor I want them to know that we did it because a lot of the hospital chain says tens of thousands of other volunteers have also stepped in to help state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is recommending that school buildings not re open for the rest of the school year here's Beth Myers state school superintendent joy Hofmeister is proposing that beginning April six.

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