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The second Trump impeachment trial, the House has had more time to keep writing up that nearly $2 trillion covert financial aid plans. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says this week's impeachment trial of former President Trump is not slowing down efforts. The past the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure our committees as we speak. Both in the House and Senate are working on bold covert relief that the American people need. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wants a bill done by the end of this month. That includes a $15 an hour minimum wage of provisions that could run afoul of Senate rules. Using a budget process to approve a plan without Republican support on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern Fox News had a Valentine's Day this weekend. Some cities are easing dining restrictions like New York City, Portland, Oregon and Chicago. Chicago restaurants began expanding capacity yesterday, allowing up to 50 people per floor, or 25%, whichever is less as the city points to lower Corona virus cases, though the restaurant industry, says 25% Capacity isn't enough. We want to help the mayor. We want to help the city states safe, but we've got to save these restaurants from going out of business. It's a dire situation. Roger Romanelli with the Fulton Market Association in Chicago, argues that other businesses are allowed higher capacities. So for restaurants, the city says it would need to see three consecutive days with the average number of new cases below 400. Jeff Mon. Also Fox News. If you're going to get a tax refund this year, today is a big day you can now file the iris will start accepting 2020 returns about two weeks later than a year ago. On Wall Street, stock futures are falling. So are most markets overseas. The day after the NASDAQ and the S and P 500 both rose to new record highs. Dave Anthony, this'd Fox News If someone wanted to make up the perfect example of why we should listen to chaos. Suppose Rush Limbaugh, they might create the following trouble is this really happened? I want to take you back to this program March 31st of last year we're in the midst of a lockdown and I am scared to death. This just can't go on. We cannot go on like this for months. We're going to destroy the country. I couldn't go on this way and yet New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, happily telling people that they can't go back to their businesses. Here's Andrew Cuomo Governor, New York Monday in all that, we simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine. It's critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left. Open. Oh, man, We must reopen the economy. But we must do it smartly and.

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