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Thank you. I A quick update on the corona virus. Last Night Michigan Governor Gretchen. Whitmer announced that two cases of Cova nineteen had been identified in the State of Michigan. One Woman Oakland County who traveled internationally and the other a man in Wayne County the travel domestically. The governor said both are middle aged. The governor also declared a state of emergency freeing up resources for the mitigation effort. Also the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded the State of Michigan. Fourteen point five million dollars to support the corona virus response effort. There are some other developments as of this recording Michigan State University Wayne State University Michigan Tech and central Michigan University have moved their students online classes. Also both Msu N. Wayne State will extend their spring break until March twenty third. And this weekend. If you're thinking about heading the eastern market it will still be open. There will be hand. Sanitizing stations at the major entrances because similar events have been canceled around the country. We know that we have some listeners. That have questions about the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Cork down. This Sunday March fifteenth as of this recording. Which is Wednesday afternoon? They are waiting on a decision from the Detroit. Health Department. Joining me on the line is Celeste. Donohoe she is the director of physical stores for Amazon. They have some big news. They are coming to Metro Detroit. Celeste Welcome to Detroit for having US absolutely. So what is this? I hear that Amazon is doing like a retail store. I mean I know what you all did was online. What's the idea behind doing retail well? We're always experimenting on behalf of our customers and we know that customers really resonate and really appreciate the reviews that we have in stores. So we've opened a store that really highlights that so we're very excited to introduce Amazon stars..

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