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We phase 3 to 6 on Washington. Small W m A l where Washington comes to talk. I'm reading this right? Double check me, Mr. Producer, Mr Kaul, Stranger that 50 Cent endorses Donald Trump for president. You wouldn't check that out. We'll check that out for me. Um Very interesting media will go nuts. I see. Ah! Iraq. Obama is going to be campaigning in Philadelphia for Biden was going to lose Philadelphia something Magic Johnson campaign for Joe Biden and I ask quite there's Magic Johnson familiar with Joe Biden's record. Early on is a racist who worked with segregationists and oppose integration. I look at the votes Of African Americans and Black Americans. And I said, Are they aware of who Joe blindness? But then again, I look at my fellow Jews. Joe Biden has a number of anti Semites, his staff and his his circle. Once done duel the peace has broken out in the Middle East. And I read that 70 75% of going but not Orthodox Jews, of course, but the others. They know what the hell they're doing. It's my wife likes to say. The problem with the left is their religion, and their identity is with their party, the Democrat Party. I'm afraid this is true with the vast majority of minorities, the vast majority of Jews Vast majority of too many groups. Too many groups. Really? It's shocking to me. People knew the real Joe Biden and they'll never know the real Joe Biden through the media. That's that's for sure. I wonder if would even change some of their minds. I'm starting to doubt it. You know, Hillsdale College serves for purposes, learning character, face and freedom. Education of faith, Thriving freedom and freedom requires an educated people, people of good character to preserve it..

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