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Is good. He's he can do some things but you know. I think that you know the change of scenery was something that he didn't really need didn't really wanna think it was comfortable in los angeles and since they traded him You know he had trouble adjusting. Let's say in the last twenty games of the season you don't. We did not play very well. He was fifty three points. Below the average outfielder in opium. Plus you know. I feel like he. He can get it done for pretty much any team. You just have to find the in you know being in free agency s. Find the team that he wants to go to. I think that's the whole point of what he has to go to rouse. Where does he feel most comfortable You know if the if the colorado rockies don't bring in you know eddie rosario I feel like brian. Goodwin could be a good match Fuel i feel him going to maybe to an american league team you know maybe stay in the central division but in the american league central feel like he could be you know somewhat of a playmaker there. I think he spent some time in detroit. So i don't think that You know he would go back to the tigers but you know maybe You know maybe. The kansas city royals. He don't maybe the cleveland indians. Bring him in especially with You know their struggles in the outfield. And how they've been trying to. He know rid themselves of that problem. You know maybe they can hope to strike lightning in a bottle the way that the angels did With seventeen homers one hundred plus season Number five on the list is archie bradley so archie bradley was the number seven. Pick in the twenty draft No in two thousand seventeen. He was huge as a lights out reliever in going to the bullpen. But you know in the last three seasons since that season he has a three point. Five one era ray. Twenty seven only twenty seven saves the arizona diamondbacks to cincinnati on the thirty first and he only made six total appearances with the reds. You know only three seasons off of his best year in two thousand seventeen. And i remember him in. Two thousand seventeen was with the diamondbacks during the wild card game and he hit that tripled the left. Field no. That's the archie bradley that i still have in my head and you know being not so far removed from that. Maybe it was just a change of scenery thing. Nothing that was anything too crazy but you know we experience with the playoffs was like and then you know he was on a team that wasn't able to make the playoffs and he just kinda got bored and just phoned in I could see maybe the Houston astros going after him I felt the angels should really make push after archie. Bradley affiliate has something left in the tank. So maybe you can get him for something cheaper than normal. And just hope that. You're getting dylan bundy type thing where he just needs a chain of change of scenery and You know maybe. Joe man's leadership is able to get him back needs to be What's another team that. I think archie bradley could go to I would like to see him in atlanta. But i'm going to leave them out of this agassi the nationals coming in and making a big push for archie. Bradley you know. They're one year removed from the world. Series you know. They had a bunch of opt-outs last year. They're going to be able to make the push this year I feel like archie. Bradley could be a big piece in that washington nationals bullpen. And then moving onto number six we have curt casali curt casali You know he brings them up to the plate you know. We had eighteen homers and less than five hundred play periods. The plate appearances in the last three seasons in cincinnati A slow he had a slash line of to sixty three forty five and a four forty slugging percentage Casali also owns a and eight sixteen career. Ps against lefties Now i feel like the whole like lefty thing is kind of out of touch now especially with the specialists because nobody really actually goes for that and there's not a lot of lefties to begin with like no one's going to throw a lefty against curt casali one like in the bullpen game. You know when when when it turns over to the bullpen. It's not really going to be like that. So you really only gonna start versus lefthanded pitching like latino starters out of. There's a lot of left-handed stars be able to justify doing that. Just off all by herself and eighteen homers in five hundred leg a little less than five hundred plate appearances so that's about eighteen homers a year. That's not too bad Curt casali see. I could see you know. I could see him in like a like pittsburgh. Pittsburgh would be good a good place for him. You know maybe Maybe they get them in miami who knows i have no. I'm just making these things up. I think that you know he could be good. You know maybe he gets a shot and like a you know in in texas with the rangers you know. Maybe he goes to Let me get about another team team in that. I'm gone on. Maybe oakland oakland would be a good spot for him. I don't know why. But i just feel like oakland be good spot Next up number seven is hansel robe. Liz so roma's he had a pretty pretty good. You know he was going pretty well in a in anaheim with the angels You know he struggled in twenty twenty. He was claimed off in two thousand eighteen. He put up a two nine seven era in thirty seven games stretch in twenty eighteen. And then in seventy one appearances with the angels in twenty nineteen. He had a two four eight. Era but This season in eighteen games yari. Jump to ten twenty six I feel like the angels could kept them. i feel like they should have kept them You know it was reading about the guy. I don't really feel as if you know. They are unless they have some big name guy that like that. They are in talks with that. They're in the position to be giving up pitchers. So i mean with the guy who's shown that you know that i mean To if you really look at it in a hundred and eight appearances he had about a two. Let's see if we're trying to average this out. Quick math he probably about a two seven five era and one eight appearances. You're not gonna get that in your like in your system angels. I've really feel like you should have kept that. Maybe it was just a down year. You write it off and then really right into the twenty twenty one season and if he's still hasn't balanced back maybe you get rid of next year signed into a one year deal so let's hope that the angels are able to get them back For maybe something a little cheaper Number eight is danny santana. So santana you know. He played for the rangers. He was a player of the year in two thousand. Nineteen for the texas rangers You know he hit two eighty three.

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