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Is fresh air. I'm Terry Gross. The nominees for Broadway's Tony Awards will be announced tomorrow. The awards ceremony was originally scheduled for June but was postponed because of the covert pandemic. One of the shows likely to receive nominations is Moulin Rouge, the musical adapted from the film of the same name. Just hours before all of Broadway shutdown last March. In response to the pandemic, Moulin Rouge canceled a matinee because someone in the production was suspected of having cove. It. Over, then spread to several other members of the production, including one of its stars. My guest, Danny Burstein. He had a severe case had to be hospitalized, and there were several times when he thought he would die. When he returned home. His wife, Rebecca Luker, who is also with us and who's also a Broadway star, came down with Cove it her case was relatively mild. But it was on top of having been diagnosed just a few months earlier with a L S or Lou Gehrig's disease, a progressive disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Causing loss of muscle control, which can make it increasingly difficult to move, speak or even breathe. Bursting and Luca are two of my favorite Broadway performers, and I know many people share that feeling. She's received three Tony nominations bursting has been nominated six times, and it's likely to receive 1/7 nomination for his performance in Moulin Rouge, for which he's already won this year's Drama League Award for distinguished Performance. Last week, it was announced that Broadway will stay dark until the end of May. Let's start by hearing recordings by Luca and bursting in roles for which they received Tony nominations. First, we'll hear Rebecca Luker as Maria in the 1998 revival of the Sound of music. Then we'll hear Danny Burstein is te Vea in the 2015 revival of Fiddler on the Roof. With with songs. My heart wants to sing. My heart wants to beat like rise from If they will? Yes, the along well Wouldn't have to work, huh? Yeah, Yeah. If I were rich, I'd die. Eyes, my wife, my looking like a rich man's wife with a proper double chin, supervising meals to her heart's. I see her putting on airs and strutting like a peacock. Screaming at the servants Day. Rebecca Luker, Danny Burstein, Welcome back to fresh air. You've both been on our show several times. It's a pleasure to have you back. I'm so sorry about all the medical problems. You've been having, and I know it's been a rough time. So you've both had covert. So I want to start with that. I'd like to hear your reaction to President Trump's message that it was a blessing from God. That he caught Cove it he said that they're M de severe. The antiviral medication he was given, which doesn't have government approval yet was a cure. When a lot of people are saying a lot of medical experts are saying if anything helped him it was probably the decks Amethyst zone. And The president urged people not to be afraid of covert and said he felt better than he did 20 years ago. So what was your reaction to hearing that? Well, you would think that someone who went through such a traumatic experience would have learned something from such a difficult experience. Also, he had the best doctors in the world. And the best the newest medications. When I went in at the beginning of March, I happened to be in a room next to the nurse's station, and there were literally people dying all around me. I was very sick. I was in the hospital for about a week and I heard when people needed to be intubated when they needed to be put on respirators when they were rushed to the I C u when they died in their rooms. My roommate almost died a couple of times I literally had to rip off my own oxygen. I should get to run to the door to get the nurse is in there because he couldn't breathe. And the idea that someone thinks that this is a blessing from God is just absurd. It's absurd. It's a perversion of reality. And I'm sorry that he was sick and I'm sorry so many people in the government have gotten sick from it, But I truly wish they had actually learned something, but it's It's a very dangerous thing, and it should not be toyed with it should not be treated lightly. And to brush it off as nothing as you know, is now he feels better after having had it is just a slap in the face and such a insulted not only everyone who's who has passed away but everyone who's gotten it and they suffered and he's still suffering like myself with residual issues. You said you had residual effects from the cove it What are they I have a lot of swelling in my hands. I get very lethargic. Ah. And that's that's mostly what's left of it. But it took my lungs months before I could walk outside, walk a couple of blocks outside. My lungs. I have double coded pneumonia in both my lungs and there were they showed me my chest X rayed five weeks after I came out of the hospital initially And I had my way were all white on a check. Normal chest X ray, your lungs. They're supposed to look black and mine were all white, except for two little Strick ce in the middle. And those were the reason I'm sure I wasn't on a respirator. Biplane. You're strong..

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