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Alex. The 1 29. U. S only. KOMO Seattle KOMO at them. Oakville 20 minutes of nonstop news starts Now Here's what's coming up. I'm Brian Calvert were now able to confirm a case of that new coping strain as well as worries. It's already spreading. I'm Corwin Hate, biased Seattle cop is fired. Question Is Will he stay fired? It's six o'clock and here's ABC News. From ABC News. I'm Sherry pressed him. Inauguration Day is always a big deal in Washington, but this year it's an even bigger deal than normal because of the security all over the nation's capital, ABC. Salik Stone is their efforts are underway right now, to make sure there will not be a threat from the inside. 25,000 National Guard members from all over the country are arriving here. And the FBI has to make sure none is a threat. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy continually Uh, Going through the process and look taking 2nd 3rd looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation like Stone. ABC NEWS Washington The other big event in Washington this week. Donald Trump's impeachment trial Senate impeachment trial could get underway as early as Wednesday or Thursday, but President Trump's legal team is not yet set his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, telling ABC late Sunday night. He will not be on the impeachment legal team even after he was spotted at the White House this weekend and told ABC he was working on the case. Giuliani now says that because you spoke at the rally on January 6 before the attack on the Capitol, he's a witness and cannot participate in court or in the Senate. Chamber Lawyers who defended President Trump during the first impeachment trial are not expected to take part this time. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington that of the World Health Organization, says the way the Corona virus vaccines are being distributed isn't fair. It's not right that younger Healthier adults in rich countries are vaccinated before health workers and older people in poorer countries. Ted Ross Adam Gabriella says, calls it another brick in the wall of inequality between the worlds haves and have nots. 400,000 Americans have now died of covert, and doctors are predicting that number will rise to a half a million by mid February. Vaccine supplies that those massive inoculation centers like Citi Field and Disneyland say they're running out of doses quickly. Having to wait for supplies. You're listening to ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed the comb Oh. Morning News 602 right now Monday morning with cloudy skies to start the day here in western Washington. The temperature is 44 degrees with Greg Herschel time Manda factor here. The top stories from the Coma 24 7 News Center. The State Health Department reported Some new covert numbers yesterday after not being able to on Saturday because of a computer problem on the new account features 1817 new cases of the virus. Agency warns numbers won't be reported again today because of the holiday and the cove in 19 variants that is closed. Much of the UK is now here in the Pacific Northwest more from Cole's Brian Calvert, who says we haven't least one confirmed case here. The announcement was made over the weekend. The covert variant is here with a confirmed case in Oregon. This strain of covert spreads much faster. Staff member at the University of Portland is said to be the first known victim. Although Dr Carlos Christmas has many more here in our region could have this, and if you're getting a test, you might get a false negative because this new variant is not updated in the in the testing that we're doing now, sometimes slabs and now updating to detect this variant. Others have not done so meaning someone could have this but received a false negative and is back out there in public spreading it unknowingly. As for the man in Oregon, with our first confirmed case, as far as where he may have actually contracted it that is still being being looked at. Michael Lewellen is a spokesperson for the U of P and says So far, the man has not experienced anything severe. Ryan Calvert Camo News, An emergency room nurse in Seattle, has accused a Seattle police officer of refusing to wear a mask inside her hospital. When asked to do so. The director of Seattle's Office of Police Accountability says the matter's being investigated and findings will be issued on our quote. Expedited timeline. The Opa is not named The officer nor the hospital where the alleged incident happened. Governor Jay Inslee says all eight regions of our state will remain in phase one of his healthy Washington reopening helped plan at least until January. 25th. But Snohomish County executive Dave Summers says If things get better in his county, he may ask to be excluded from the region that includes King and Pierce counties. Katie Curtis, with this enormous health district says this makes sense to have the county's group together. A lot of our hospital systems are kind of spanning across those county borders anyways. Spokesperson for Snohomish County says based on the current projections that county will likely run out of doses of the vaccine before.

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