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Were to ask anybody ran a whose lena epstein they would go men have a clue and it even bob young they may remember them from being this spring court justice but i you know i think a lot of people you got to get your named face out there and i think bob's last we we played at last week as bad as bowtie commercial about what is just the great of commercial you know what i may because he reminds me a lot of our secretary of housing ben carson you know what i mean he's he's so even keeled i'd like to see bob come a jump out a little bit and in and get some attraction so you can underscored our name recognition metric seventy five percent who battled absolutely there i you know and and that's why people ayala let me for the celebrity thing you're of the celebrity thing you know what unfortunately the american voter today is all about name recognition status and celebrity status so when a celebrity says i'm running for something unless you're a complete buffoon they've got a pretty good shot at runoff share a poster boy air so donald trump yes never ran for anything but everybody knew who he was every buddy knew he was and you know i was laugh and i was talking to a young guy last night having a beer and he asked me he goes i know you're trump fan gary while i'm like trump fan i said i liked what what he stands for i said but you know i know you're a little more liberal i said you do no that of the sixteen seventeen candidates that ran for the republican presidential primary donald trump was the most liberal right any kind of he kinda stood there ferment and he went on i i didn't really think about that i said you need to think about that i said on every social issue he was probably the most liberal of the republican candidates and yet every liberal democrat progressive piece of human garbage on this planet is making him look making him the colon hitler is not ahead a employs more women than men he he has no problem with gay people aides eib he's the guy that opened up the florida country club setting to jews and blacks.

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