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Trustee I'm David Kaplan Carmen your car in for cross talk I should have known I told boil this they yesterday was going to go well when I walked from TV to Grant Park and I said I running late I got to get there maybe there's a quicker route ended up walking on the lake shore drive help the entrance ramp. I mean your whole life I don't know if he had at night I mean really what do you need a map for to get from NBC I know how to get there but it was a short use your use your own internal GPS and then once you're in the city and on the quickest route out of the GPO. how do you get to the big monkey carm direct on canal for crying out loud the Canal Street short cut to the to the south side room scene to the north side. yes no do you believe you we it's a great deal we've been an hour we know you're there well diagonal St. take it out cavs alright sure he's walking up the on ramp. worried about getting but yeah he's gonna pull the fall now to video it's not get out of our Snapchat not that worried exactly which can't read the defense camp at cap can't read a map what the hell is going on brutal. absolutely brutal no that skill that is that's orange hearing you know that is that right yeah and I'm very I'd like I knew how to get their own kind of late maybe there's a short cut it said I take water St am I right now the water St and next thing I know I'm walking I'm like oh god there's no pass over there well it's too I've gone too far go I can. just wing it here and then next thing you know that's the answer and how about the listener picking him up and taking them to my guys kind. in Coleman already house in town that cap emptying his pockets just giving and whatever's in there is there is a male bodies give cars. Jack. so. good kid. last night. what do you think. what just happened. it was cool it. are you to stick with this with our up is bad yeah packed my bags last flight John. he's had a tough night is a night yeah we we gonna deal I'm a little worried is too well what might happen in Denver because that I know he knows Vic. service you like Vic Fangio angel knows better than anybody else he when you practice against the guy and you see a dial for old please in for a couple seasons you know exactly what his problem and the problem is like me. weakness is Vic Fangio is greatest strength like there might not be better defensive game plan right now in terms of disguise in scheme than Vic Fangio and this kid can't read defense like this does not bode well going you know to where nobody wins in Denver anyway right in September I I think anybody you look at mich in your open the best from H. and everybody's chair information but we just need to get a little point words of a decent game manager that's all you can ask for right now let's get into the point was a decent game manager and he doesn't kill defense. I'm a writer my wrong you guys saw what you saw yesterday the holy Scott and just be a decent game manager that's all right okay some ask you this was yesterday more a product of Mitch isn't that good or he didn't have any pre season again any live artillery throwing Adam or combination of everything like break that down for me I think it's seventy five percent that he is who he is. I think maybe fifteen percent that that yeah the fifty place that he would have had in the pre season if you value that are all well would have helped him a little bit a just whatever speeds happening you can't replicate in practice doesn't happen that way it's got to happen in the game so seventy five fifty and then just ten percent might just be Hey he's trying to figure out who the hell yes I don't know if he's got confidence in himself after time income in front of people say yeah well I live in it doesn't matter he might be back there just crap in his own pants on he got if I kind of figure out who this guy is going to be like I said I just want to get to be a game manager type I'm not I don't I'm not looking for anything more he's not going to be more homes no he's not gonna be deshaun Watson those ships gentleman have sailed okay now we're just hoping he could be out Smith that's it no more no less let's get into that level and just go about the business of trying to win football games. twenty wow I'm fortunate but that's where you're at the rest of the league is figured out he's not going to be the quarterback they know that the echoing statement the trombone Williams said that when he heard that from the coaches all week I'm sure force Mitch Williams to play quarterback which way it you know but I have been having a. ski to be ill yeah this is a call today as they will just let me know. go to **** on NFL network last night of Charles what's it say we knew Jay would throw yeah and this one about Mick Foley's color could drop back and see a defense identified now they did stupid things right because he didn't care well I guess that was a problem he was going to swing it no matter what because you wanted to but he can read the deep fried you could read the defense and the date that the comparable here is rex Grossman that's your comparator. he's he's not even a check collar type they can come back and understood what was happening my guy Alex brown I I was arguing with him yesterday about this and he's not like you're calling you got to play a pre season do you think Matt Nagy seeing what he saw last night will change his tune next no matter what happens the next fifteen because he doesn't want to be. caught short going into opening day next year well we'll have to see next year I don't think he's going to change anything he's going I don't either I don't think there's a lot to be these moments I think this is the way young coaches in this league are going to handle the preseason that the preseason is gonna get fed up with it anyway yeah I mean it it I don't think they're gonna change and they know the first couple of games are going to be rough they're not changing explain this to me here I am seeing Nagy knows the deficiencies after basically he knows them better than anybody right right. why abandon the run like they did let's see the that I mention that nobody can answer I mean that it's why did you abandon run I don't know I don't know why they banded the run in a game that was never more than. right yeah for four games four point okay also while I do not have the ball. a little bit more innovation during the run I never saw one of those rivers as you know those quick right three and the ball I didn't see any that coral Patterson with one of the you know made jet sweeper some I mean you know about their. the third in one play with. Mitch the read option we got name not kicking yeah I'm not kicking the field goal with the third one with Mitch was a shovel pass did you see the trouble pastor trying to run and it didn't happen yeah yeah and end up getting you know scuttled a little bit out the the tide that never made it over there is too much penetration it became a problem so that when the coral Patterson were changed Daniels doesn't think that a guy might slant over the top yeah then the whole wide slamming on that one little bit of mobile it's going to cause that much problems for your offense of line the offensive line was bad address yes I was it had also why may have helped contribute. those of Mick Stravinsky because we know he doesn't have a pressure well to begin with right now he can evade pressuring you can get away. but he doesn't have a pressure. as far as the ability then go down feel neat results once those feet start to dance and they would either way trying to solo his you know much calmer than much calmer that much calmer yeah early in the game wait till later they will be there all over the place neither online play well and that's probably the biggest by product of not having a pre season I mean back Terry had as many Matt navy is beefing right now wasn't good enough and I I told the players that I told him I told him that last late a locker room that it starts with me I need to be better and I will be better and I'm going to demand that from myself from our coaches and from our players and then you got I think good coaches figure out the why part they don't just get all angry upset Sir point fingers or or or frustrated it it was you know last night was that was that was that was tough and I'm not talking about. after the old on the whole night and even this morning is still you still feel it but there's a there's a just I have this competitive competitiveness in me that I'm not gonna let that take away the way I'm gonna talk to second this next week I'm gonna use this to make me a better coach and we're going to use it as a team so it saw I need to be better there's no doubt about it. give some..

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