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Scared. I gotta check that out while we're recording here. I don't know. I'm looking at a fan tracks now. It's kind of difficult to i. Gotta i gotta admit fan tracks If you're listening you gotta fix your you i. This is not good user interface. Gotta tell you right now especially mobile like doing it on your phone. Yeah god amid guys do not like it. Do not like it Take a look at my team real cook. I'm actually here just to make sure jacob rana papa. He's a free agents. What would see my team. I know that's what i'm looking at right. There's a pretty good free agents in here though from what looking earn rice cam. Talbot low kapoor jake odder. Okay okay. that's not honestly. No i ever tronto okay. I for some reason. I had them in the same thing. I don't know i'm pretty excited for my team. I have a lot of injuries. Knocking ally already seriously. Well not not injuries. But i have guys. That are gonna come back. But i was able to. I are them because they're technically injured or injured last season. So they're technically listed as injured already. So i are all the pick up some more free agents. The eye of shaef theodore who would says is injured. But he's gonna play opening supposedly gonna play. Yeah opening night which is nice all right. Well we'll can be kind of difficult for me to keep up with like my five leaks. You have a lot of league. You're just saying that you have like five of them so far four. yeah so I got i'm probably join more so gonna grow. I'm trying to win now. i feel you. I had a lot of fun last season. So i definitely wanna play in at least one or two more leaks and yeah apparently. Apparently the lethal just join today like the fifty dollars apparent like everybody knows their stuff which is especially if you spend fifty bucks on it you have to i. I know they're all like forty two. That's pretty still so they've all been like watching longer than me. And everything they know more than they sold just like great awesome. Great great hopefully young that young perspective. That they don't see you you could. You could scout the us better you know. Yeah it's it's just me in the sideline twenty-three-year-old over forty six sec. All right well I think that's it for our regular news. Now we just have the islanders mccormackses talk about Coin toss who wants to go. I go i can over all right so the islanders. I don't really. I just kidding. I do have a law..

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