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So they're not dead last their second to last which isn't, you know, saying, but hell they're not in the last place position anymore. This is the start of something beautiful and West Ham. I expected a shitload more. Coming into this game. I thought West Ham. We're going to be able to beat the future champions, but Huddersfield with that early goal and did enough to hang on for point. Yeah. You know, my money said that West Ham was going to do a lot more. I don't know what the fuck all these London teams got Jim it. All right moving on to Newcastle versus bore myth. I know we're just hitting. I feel bad for our listeners. We're like all the good games came on Sunday. So I feel so bad that like sorry Tottenham fans. But really all the good games came on Sunday. So I feel like I'm just hitting this log of just like okay mediocre team. So all right Newcastle. Good can question, Mark. Are they good now? We were saying we're pretty much saying they were done for a while. Martin. Are we raffled Benitez making us? Eat our words well, dude in in the past two games. They've won both games against quality decent decent teams with watt. Am born with. And I think he is. I think we're off a hurt. His and is using that hate to drive this team. And Solomon Ron Don is getting goals which has been completely lacking. And they finally have an often to presence. And so do I think we were wrong. I think we're off as on hold of this team and shit. They play Burnley next granite that's in two weeks from now. But if they win that game. Yeah. Rafa definitely hurt. His making eat our words deliberately God dental Rafa if you wanna come on the podcast respond. I totally understand. I really, you know, I I know you've been listening. So as as a avid lesser fellow latte. It only it only makes sense. Oh, also real quick Martin. I just retweeted this, but a Christian politics that has a podcast. He just started it. But yes, yes. And he's responding to everyone about say like you, dude. Trying to trying to come on the podcast you'd when. Going to just not talk about yours and just tell me about your son. And how you raise the golden Hershey, Pennsylvania. God, let's not talk about anything except Christian and everything about Christian. I don't care about you, dad. Yeah. I all Christian all the time. It's the sucker unplugged with Mark postage. So that's a free plug for you, Mark. So if you wanna come on as well, I just, you know, we're that's free promotion right there. We have at least two listeners my. My mom for sure. So all right moving on to. Okay. Yes. Castles good, maybe moving on to Tottenham versus Chris palace. Again. Another result were Tottenham had to like literally grind out a result. And in the past, you know, Todd doesn't do this. They don't grind out results. Either win like beautifully or they just get a draw or lose. There's never like them winning these one nil gritty matches, and is this are we sing new Todd them because they're sneaky in fourth place right now. Martin sneakily. No one's talking about them right now. And I saw someone give a what's Bleacher report gave manager ratings and the only gave podge a C. Plus, but he's only like I don't have the table right front of me. But I think he's only like two or three points off of like Chelsea and Liverpool. He he's one point off Chelsea and three points off Liverpool. So I I what do you make this? I think it's exactly what you said. They're sneaky good. They're not playing that. You know, superstar lich? Way of football that pep and sorry and Klopp or playing and they're not getting those crazy results like those three players are doing and and do their real fucking contender. Yeah. They're stumbling all over the place in the Champions League. But this entire Premier League season. They've been under the radar. They're keeping up with the big boys and they're not on anybody's name anybody's mouth. Nobody wants to talk about. And I think that's working for on them and letting them grind out these games getting the points that they need and claim that old school Marino ball, where points are the only thing that matter at the end of the day. We don't have to play flashy, but we're going to get our points..

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