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You week arguments never win keep that in mind will catch you next time on today's episode is sponsored by circle where you're kids buying apps they shouldn't signing up for social networks they're too young for the circle you can rest easy knowing that they're safe inside the guidelines you said with circle home plus in the circle app parents can filter what content is allowed set limits screen time and monitor their history and usage and keep track across every connected device from laptops phones and tablets just smart tv streaming devices in video game consoles all from one app each family member has a profile that's fully customizable to their needs the age in maturity right now our listeners get a limited time offer of thirty dollars off of the circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash enter smash at checkout and get thirty dollars off when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash an enter smash at checkout this is a limited time podcast exclusive offer that's meet circle dot com slash smash and enter smashed save thirty dollars okay before we get back to the episode we have some big news to share we met art challenge thanks to all you amazing listeners a hundred and fifty of you donated now were going to make this bonus episode where i molly will have to debate i am excited nervous and so grateful to all of you but here's the deal the only way to hear this bonus episode is to joined the debate club dream season to donate today to join the club and get this special bonus episode and the cool thing is you can't give any amount and be included in the debate club had just smash boom dot org slash debate club to join thank you so so much.

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