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Slash marketplace terms conditions and quality standards apply the US China rhetoric has been getting hotter. Meanwhile, US secretary of state. Mike Pompeo is facing pushback from his counterparts at the annual southeast Asian nations. Summit in Singapore, marketplace's, China correspondent Jennifer pack reports, Singapore's foreign minister. Vivian Balakrishnan says he told his American in Chinese counterparts that any trade war or unilateral sanctions will have a quote disproportionate impact on the city state. And that goes for the nine other southeast Asian countries who are part of a comp. Lex global supply chain. For example, Malaysia makes microchips which are then assembled into finished products in China before they're shipped to the US. So these economies will feel the pinch. If tariffs caused Chinese exports, the US to fall southeast Asia has always had to manage a delicate balance between the US and China economically the region's biggest trade partners, China, but militarily the region has relied on the US to counter Chinese influence with so much uncertainty. The southeast Asian bloc wants to minimize the damage of a possible u. s. China trade war and pledged to double down on trade pacts. Singapore has urged his neighbors to quickly conclude talks for a comprehensive trade agreement that includes China, Japan, South Korea and India, but not the US marketplace's Jennifer pack in Shanghai. No today would have been Andy Warhol's. Ninetieth birthday. Yes, pop art, yes. One of the most iconic and influential artists of the twentieth century. But as we're about to learn a pioneer in what Warhol called business art. Critic, Blake gopnik is finishing the work on a comprehensive biography of Warhol, and he came by to help us understand what Warhol had in mind with business art. Yeah. I mean, he's best known of course to the general public for his Campbell soups and his Maryland paintings. But I think his most interesting work is actually the way he created something that he called business art. And usually people see him as a sold out artists who've got other people to make his art, and his only goal was to make money, will he declared selling out the kind of art this thing called business are that can seem farfetched you can think, well, all he wants to do is make some Lou which he did like to do. But it's weird is than that because every time he tried to make money, he came up with totally cockamamie business plans. Business art is not the guy with the chain stores in the mall selling oil paintings. The structure of the business was seen as a kind of a work of art. Yeah, Andy Warhol claimed the act of being a good businessman could make you different kind of artists, a new kind of artists. But you know, when he tried to make money, the things people cues them of doing to make money, make no sense. He got involved with the velvet underground, a screeching band that turned their amps up to eleven to magic. The velvet underground was a money making scheme made no sense. Come on a love, the velvet underground, their legacy endures, but okay, they weren't mass-market. They barely made a cent for poor Andy or how about the time he decided to make a perfume for sale anti cold it you're in. Why are you apostrophe r. e. I n.

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