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My favorite well with all of that. There's so many beautiful things to explore in and around Yellowstone National Park and I think what we need to talk about is what was our favorite part of yellowstone on this trip. Matt what was yours. This is probably the hardest decision for this segment. I've had to date because this park is obviously huge. We did a ton. So it's it's hard to narrow down. I would say my favorite part. Even though at the time was in absolute misery it was probably that Canyon trail that I did the Grand Canyon. The allstone because the scenery was just unbelievable. And in retrospect very worthwhile. I'm glad I put myself through that and experienced it because I'm proud of you. Thank you yes I. I'm glad I did it. It'd be nice to have. It would probably help if I slowed down. I'm constantly speed walking speed hiking. And this isn't the trail for that because you will burn yourself way out before you're even like halfway done with it and then that's a mistake so but I I loved it and I would definitely recommend that trail for especially for a small group who can keep you motivated and keep you safe now. My favorite part would have probably had to abandon mammoth springs. Area Co hot springs geysers so much different lake Ecology Wildlife Just seeing how they interact differently with the environment that they're in like you're telling us about like the elk and how they were just like in the middle of everything and they're so used to it and you know that's good and bad but I remember like there's Times right go to turn on the road and there's like an crossing and I'm like hey. This is the perfect place to put a L. crossing sign. But there's that and then you know the boiling river That I would really love to do so. Let me go back. I'll have to make open seasonal so it's not like it's a exact date every year. It's like Becca Tober. I every year September. It's not like starbucks pumpkin spice season. You know it's not like China dry so we just have to be careful with that True we should talk about what things people should bring to yellowstone and that from experience. Like if you're going to visit yellowstone during primetime weeded so like July or August you should bring well for one thing a lot of patience. A lot of patients APPs in forgiveness guy willing- willingness to overlook a lot of. Don't be where there's road rage for a man sticking his hand out the window. It's infuriating like come on so that's something that we learned and that we would bring yes and then we. Also I'm. I'm sure I've talked about this plenty of times already with yellowstone but bear spray. Of course no matter whether you're alone the group that's pivotal and you can get that really anywhere in the entire area. You can get that from park stores in around the park for any kind of convenience store in West Yellowstone or Jackson hole is the hub to the south and brings them light layers. Because even though it's like in July we went there really early in the morning. It was cold. Yeah I remember. I was mad because I didn't bring a sweater or something On our first trailed the day right. Yeah it does get called. It's not during the day during the afternoon especially can get really warm or hot but this is definitely one of those places that at night and early morning it's spread at least a windbreaker. It extra probably be best. Because then that way it's still light in its breathable away So you know just bring another layer yes absolutely and then if you're doing something specifically water oriented if you're lucky enough to be here when boiling river is open then bring a bathing. Suit your bring a towel and have a great time. We'll live in swim vicariously through you. Yes and send US Pictures Tag. Us Park Land Pod. Yes well it took us two full episodes but I think we've done justice for this incredible most iconic national park. There's a lie here from epoch. History epic wildlife. And you've really got to go see it for yourself. Just remembered to bring a bear spray and wake up early. You've been listening to park. Land a show about national parks park land dates and production of iheartradio created by Matt Carroll. Wak Brad Care. Wack and Christopher has the oldest produced an edited by Mike. John's our executive producer is Christopher. Has the Otis our researcher? It's Tesla Shields. Especial things goes out to Gabrielle Collins Crystal Waters and the rest of the park Leah crew and hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple podcasts? It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well. Check out our photos from our travels on Instagram at Park. Alenia pod and join in on the conversation facebook group Park Landale Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio. Visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows and as always thank you.

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