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The titanic. Unbalancing of this unashamedly watched boxing of this. I never watch boxing videos. I watched it of this. This thing is massive and it has like one big it kind of feature to it that you can pull apart the titanic and actually have like the inner workings and there's like gears and pulleys that you can kind of manipulate There's no iceberg though if anyone is is really looking for for add onto the set but it's just massive like thermo the real story of this show guess how long or how many pieces this it. we'll go with. How many pieces is this. Being the largest lego set a. I'm going to go with three hundred. Forty one oh come on. I don't know i. I have no idea. Ten thousand pieces. You're close nine thousand. Ninety getting to the point where lego sets could reach ten thousand pieces that will be. They're going to get there. One day. it will. At some point it will be too many but nine thousand and ninety pieces six hundred thirty dollars so for a price for peace ratio. Not so bad show. You're right though. I think the most notable feature is in in addition to being just a large scale model of the titanic. It tries to be very much. Like lowe's model ships that people have in their now their fancy mansion living-rooms under glass or museums in that it tries to be an architectural models. Well where the ship comes apart at two seems and you can see a cross section of the ship of the decks and the engines. Come out so there's a little bit of interior detail. The length of this model. So the lego saturn wapner era. The rocket was what was nineteen. Sixty nine pieces. I wanna say right. A hundred centimeters tall so a meter tall. The super league superstar shorter lego. The one that you know the one that Will and i built. That's one hundred twenty four centimeters long. This is a hundred and thirty five centimeters law. So it's like four feet four feet long..

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