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What did you do give you a little ring. A ding ding okay. That's a little cooler getting earlier. Can you do that one more time. ring hang. I was like hey man how 'bout We had up to one of our favorite haunts. Yep ambassador cigar. Being that as just after the halloween season all candy was fifty percents off. So i hope you took advantage of that We're still in our favourite haunt here at the ambassador cigar in troy michigan. So thanks for joining us. on the On the in the social so yeah so yeah so we decided Let's do a little man cave. And because i was reading an article and I was like hey do that cocktail on a man cave. And then i was thinking. Maybe we could do that tonight. Or perhaps. what's article really do remember. I was in a magazine ankle inch there. It was really weird. Well people listen to podcasts. And watch these whenever they come across something. Find him whenever wherever right but today it's november third. Today's november. I understand it's election day in the states of america. And so people have been to the polls is all about the polls and your election and hallelujah what are you think commercials are going to and yeah you know so you know it's like watching. Political commercials are in my opinion like stepping on a rusty nail. Okay wow see. I've brought that all the guys that was good. See how. I see how i operate so all right so beautiful segue but i had to ask you okay. Fairplay the number of campaign ads. You received in the mail the most all my day. Oh my god is probably about fifteen. Yeah ten fifteen somewhere there if you go. And they were big too. They were like large pieces of cardboard. Cutouts cutty isn't that yeah i actually. It was kind of because it was such a beautiful day out today on. It's going to be beautiful the rest of the week i was like i wish i had saved all the campaign mail junk mail. So i could do a bonfire. It'd be probably would've been fun to fund. Yeah digital video of burning campaign actually still have quite a few of them back. Got a reality for next next four years from now more years or more years whatever you know four more years without campaign ads until the midterms right. And then the gubernatorial. They're going to be kooky to always campaigning. Just saying so always door but yeah. Yeah i didn't get any I didn't get any door to door traveling salesman. i got one. yeah I don't know how many showed up when i usually when they come. I usually stripped down naked. Really until you get a towel. And then he's like yeah. I come on come on in the weird. He said we want a beer man in clock in the morning. is it hot in here scottish. So i didn't get any traveling door to door salesman didn't encounter them. I don't know colleen got any i. Pitied pity food and knocks on the door. Which working for long crap. But i said he's like campaign ads. It's like stepping on a rusty nail. Yeah that's that's really funny. You say that because that article that you're referring to earlier it was on a specific tree. I believe and scotch based drink. I was it was and so i was I was in an email. Whatever and i got connected to the whisky advocate. Nice okay and kid get good articles in good good information on the whisky. Whisky advocate and there was a cool recipe and it. It said essential whiskey cocktail. And i'm like oh okay. What is essential whiskey cocktail and it said the rusty nail okay so brittany risher wrote this article back in may Just finding it now. So thank you britney but it's It's a scotch based drink. And we normally i mean we do. We're open any spirits. We drink we. Just about anything it would be proper mandated whiskey. We do a lot of urban yup. But we've done a fair amount of vodka. Yes we like our jin brothers. Do i was Messaging atom earlier today driven ghuchan. Yes he was doing. A photo shoot and i was like looking good man keep jim carey and so yeah and so it was like in high dam. But we we haven't really scotch and scotch as we did whiskey in the winter ryan we we. We did. The obama did obama and deliver into some scotch at the nato. That's the perfect time to stumble into. We were drinking like heavy at the whisky in the winter. And then they have the scotch but we didn't we have i think that's about one of the only time we ever really played with scotch on the man. I don't i think you're not wrong I but i want to do some more scotches and talk about some scotches and a whole nother world. That's a whole nother. It's a whole different pallet really. Yeah 'cause it's it's very different from you. Know you're mature bourbons and whiskeys and what have you. it's it's even more of a mature palate that you need to have ryan scotch side scotch. I get in trouble when i do. Scott doesn't tequila. Makes my pants fall. Scholarships gives me a guy just gives me trouble treasury song. That's wanna see my pants. Were you a politician. That's a throwback a little bit all right so here's here's britney's article from The the whisky advocate talking about the origins of The rusty nail this based drink may not sound appealing right. 'cause scotch has got a very demanding a very profound profile robust very very profound very robust appropriately. Some serious tastes going on. And you know why would you use something. That's that robust. Right as a base for a mixed drink. I get very for me. Okay going yeah. No and so. That's the question for you. What for a scotch. I always think of you know very leathery. Feel when i really feel out of it but pd also comes to mind a little bit. Drink scotch now. It can be very pete heat intensified so so yeah so it may not be the most appealing drape. The rusty nail is an approachable drink. Even for those who tend to shy away from using scotch as a base for cocktails so which a mix it with dram boot which is gaelic is derived from gaelic johm gaelic meaning the drink that satisfies. I did not know that. Actually when he said we were doing that kind of do a little liquid a little history lesson here myself so so all right so you got the scotch base but you have the the sweet honey and heather of dram buoy and it teams at robust flavor of blend scotch and it creates a slightly sweet herbal cocktail. That finishes with just a hint of pete and smoke. And that's according to and this is like small world crap here right right. This is a britney's quoting A bartender from the red phone booth in atlanta..

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