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And some defense for for for trying to outscore the golden state warriors and it hasn't worked and so yeah try something different right maybe get an agitator and land stevenson maybe get some guys who can lockdown people on the perimeter by the way this is where kawhi leonard would be really interesting and by the way it's worth pointing out the golden state warriors were pushed by the houston rockets a lot of people talk about chris paul but the reality is hugh houston won games four and five primarily because they got stops on defense golden state shot less than forty percent in game four they held onto to below one hundred points in game five that more than anything is why they were on the cusp of not north golden state and so i get i get the rationale i really do but if you're going to beat the golden state warriors four times at some point you're going to have to outscore them in here's something the nba has not been able to figure out over the last four years certainly nobody in the west cleveland did pre k d joining the warriors in two thousand sixteen what happens in a seven game series when despite your best efforts defensively as much as you might try to lock them down as might as as much as you might try to take golden state out of their comfort zone as much as you might force them into shots they don't wanna take whatever you do defensively what happens when it doesn't work because how many times over these last two seasons specifically with kevin durant you saw this year in the nba finals how many times has a possession ended with a shopping made the comes at the end of the shot clock or in spite of what a team does defensively that the other team is helpless against at some point you need an answer at some point you have to do you do have to figure out a way to outscore them at some point i don't care if you have lance stevenson blowing in people's ear i don't care if you have raised on rondo agitating people and stopping people on the on the perimeter i don't care if you have those younger guys buying into a new defensive minded culture i don't care if you do have an element of toughness i don't care what the bron james does at some point the totality of the golden state warriors do offensively catches up to you and so if you're rob pelinka you know you can go down one path which is you know we're going to build a team like the one lebron had in cleveland that didn't work it didn't work against the k d lead golden state warriors in seventeen or eighteen and so we've tried that at the same time you can load up on guys who defense who played great defense you can you can do you could do the exact opposite you can put a tough minded team you can get guys who have playoff experience which i think was important given the fact that none of these other guys lebron's playing with have any at the same time the question is and i don't think you have the answer to it i don't have the answer to it and the most importantly i don't think the la lakers as currently constructed i don't think they have the answer to it what happens when despite your best efforts on defense golden state.

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