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The glass and out of play face the neutral zone. Ten forty two up to the first one of the senators. These teams will meet next Saturday Amalie arena. What will be the file game of a three-game homestand for Tampa Bay. Units Tuesday Edmonton. Stamkos utilize one by mad. But it skipped over the boards between the benches. Do it again. This is more of a tie up and Duchenne does win. It Cody CC whistles in it. Hot around for strong lightning far corner under pressure jams and around the nearside for Miller off his stick. It's held into single high slot two-seater shot just wide, right. A little bit of a mishandled air the central right audit. Duchenne right circles. Check by mcdonagh. Good play. Mcdonagh Jansen for stamkos trying to get it out for JT Miller, and he will Miller hands up kucherov in the right wing gains, the red line and dumps it in stamp goes plays. The Karen left circle the corner Miller. JT Miller battling hard to the left circle was cross as kucherov right corner right point to Strommen. Mcdonagh a little shot wide left, redone, Miller left circle. JT Miller peels back the left point and works across ace gonna come to McDonnell, right circle. Looking for couture up behind the net. Instead LaJoie takes it away. And it's fed by Mark stone up the nearside blocking. Mcdonagh stone gets it back and spins it down the ice Zingel after it. He's on it. I in a lightning right corner. Single behind the net. They'll work it to the left corner. Ryan Zingel looks to center. It went off the back of the net. Strommen takes it away sweeps. It up the near side for Yanni Gort or pivot to the lightning near corner. Goes back to strong Lanier getting a change of front Strommen continues to hold onto the puck goes DD mic gonna back rant on stall to the right wing. Finally, Johnny Gordo towards center ice Pac for strong enlightening. Really having trouble getting going right now. Out of their own end on the sequence. Mcdonagh finally to center ice scored off his stick white takes it away and forces it in deep by the lightning that Deming punches it for Strommen. Finally, it's gourd out to center ice. Brayden point he'll March up the middle cross..

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