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The rebuttal is philadelphia. I they have. They're running a legal. Oh thirteen point eight rush attempts per game with the running back so far this season. So it'll take what appears to be a significant change for for them to go back to their running backs even more. They're not giving them the ball as much as we'd like them to do. So that's the first thing. And then i last week was a good step for miles sanders. I agree he played. I think it was like seventy five percent of the snaps last week. It was really good but again while especially in a game like this he he might get a real chance to stop and every time they've got a game where they're not going to be able to run the ball. I think gain wells going to have that type of opportunity and that could cost sanders. More in the long run does allow. sanders had the same number of targets. Kind of gain. Well or i don't know if he's as good of a receiver gain. Well can be seen king. We've seen botch receptions. Before game had six catch game but other than that really sanders has been more involved in the passing game. The game while at least terms catches I know i just will not or from sanders. Their next three games are great. Heath after tampa bay vegas detroit and the and the chargers all rank twenty fourth or worse against running backs your next bilo. I'm gonna go with jalen waddell. I mean for one thing. It shouldn't be surprising that a rookie wide receiver gets off to a slow start guys like chase and apparently it could area's. Tony are the exception. But i really just think that it's hard to really measure him with jacoby at quarterback. I think that To oh will be better when to gets back and he could be back very shortly. They can't get anyone else healthy. But i do think that when devante parker is there. It's almost better for waddell because then he doesn't. He's not the only wide receiver that the team has to worry about. I think in the second half the season waddell has a good chance to be a high number three wide receiver. If not better than that. Okay who would you trade for. What would you rather have. Jacoby myers or jalen waddle waddle for sure. Would you rather have ally mitchell or jalen waddell. I think what wattle mitchell for dave waddell for heath..

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