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This happens this is what owned barfield wrote about in poetic diction that's what edwin bevan wrote about in symbolism and belief we have to understand the nature of those symbols only in christ only in the incarnation do we see this come full circle so the symbol in the symbolize the poultry and the criticism separate fully the metaphysical and the physical until we have the person of christ who is fully god and fully man who unites those two and he gives us sacraments to to live in that it's why the saying is so hard it's why he makes a point of doing it as his last action before he's put on the cross he is enshrining this heaven and earth touching one another the metaphysics and the physics touching one another regularly for the believers and this is why st paul has such joy when he talks about it intakes it so seriously and says that if you don't recognize this you're eating your own condemnation there's much more to talk about the eucharist but we have to move on next question philosopherking knowles the us ccb the us council of catholic bishops recently published a letter in which they called the new tax plan quote unconscionable as a devout catholic i tend to look to my bishops to inform my politics but i'm having trouble grasping their stance this time how can i as a religious person justify my support for the tax bill despite church leadership condemning thanks loved the show zack so with regard to the us council of catholic bishops i was talking to a friests prep priest friend of mine and he told me that he enjoyed my blank book reasons to vote for democrats very much and he was inspired to write his own called the wisdom of the us council of catholic bishops i mean no disrespect to the bishops but when they weigh in on politics sometimes they get a little wacky and i we should obviously have great reverence for the leaders of our church especially when they're speaking on matters of the church and of theology end of doctrine and when they are weighing in on politics they don't have any special political expertise they don't there aren't granted special political knowledge or smart's and so.

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