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You see my face every single week know. I'm usually wearing a hat you'll be able to see. My girl was able to spot me within thirty seconds within thirty seconds. So you guys should be able to spot me. Relatively easy and then after that i show up closer to the bottom. Pretty much did center of the heart camera. I show up again during mustafa. Al lee taking on sore And then for a little bit. You don't see me. So as far as i know i'm nowhere in the vicinity of the heart camera for all. I know maybe they might actually be relocated to the main stage ramp area. But but but i return I return definitely during the man event. Match nece- which xavier woods kofi kingston taken on. Mvp and bobby lashley. I also return during the lucia house party when they were taken on T bar and mace in front of the har- camera so so pretty much like once you get to once you get to house party. Tea bar in mace. You can pretty much start seeing me for the rest of the show gifts somewhere around the hard camera of the senate he. Yeah they kinda kinda move me around a little bit. I think it was kind of one of those deals where i know. I wasn't doing anything wrong. I think it was just kind of one of those deals where they wanted to just shuffling some new people and Try to give them an opportunity. But as you guys probably saw i had some fans that were part of that whole thunderdome experience. You're gone man. Why are these guys on these monitors. They aren't doing anything like did you guys peep out the one guy and shot out if you did. Did y'all out the one guy that was eating his dinner. I mean clear is fucking day. He's he's he's basically. I apologize for those of you. That are not able to see me. 'cause you near those of you that listen to the audio version of the show but I'll try to do it as best as i can. As far as the description goes while. I'm while i'm a reenacting for our Web stream hair. But you had this one guy who was a brother and the brother. I don't know if he's eating ramen noodles or what she got this one guy. He's basically side profile and he's looking over his shoulder at all the action that's going on on raw. And he's got his fork and he just you know big o. Noodles he was bringing it up to his face and everything and he's looking back down. He's enjoying his meal. It he comes back. And he's just and i'm going really i'm going really and i actually tweeted. I'm like really like wwe. You've got a guy that's actually eating. That's in the thunderdome. You got a guy in the thunderdome. That's eating come on man like you got people that you know would appreciate the opportunity to be a virtual fan and actually wanna react in this and we now look now look great at granted. I'm sure that he were originally. Wwe may have..

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