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Daniel Fidel. And you're listening to the AI and business podcast and this episode. We're GONNA be talking about building. Ai Products for the enterprise. Which for any of you who've been tuned in for a while now is not easy to be able to build an AI. Product that delivers a meaningful business result is one thing to be able to deploy that with existing. It systems is quite challenging to have to retrain staff to understand existing workflows. And that's going to be the focus of this week's episode some of the most exciting facets of our own research work here at emerge when it comes to our work with large enterprise clients is around understanding the build to buy ratios for different kinds of AI. Applications it's interesting to see if you look within let's say banking let's say life sciences. What kinds of applications may be drug? Development MAY BE PAYMENT FRAUD. Detection are being acquired primarily from outside vendor providers in which you're actually being built in house by the companies themselves sometimes. There are a application areas. Where really the company understands their own. Unique nuance needs at such a deeper level. That any vendor could that they have to build it in house so for this episode. Where the your vendor selling into big enterprises or whether you work within an enterprise and you're thinking about build by decisions you WanNa stay tuned all the way through our guest this week soared story is the CIO and managing partner at Cara Cap Ventures. He goes deep on what he's seen work and not work across his portfolio of investments. When it comes to their interface with the enterprise if you'd like to learn more about what we do here at emerge including how we balance and understand the build by ratios across different business categories of AI applications in major sectors. You can learn more at E. M. E. R. J. dot com slash. Hey I o l. That's a opportunity landscape. That's our core research service here to merge that's emerged dot com slash Ai. I O L and you can learn more there without further. You're gonNA roll right in. This absorbs Uri managing partner at Karak ventures here on the AI and business podcast..

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