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Well, you just don't want to be humiliated in on television or talked about on television. And I think what Baker Mayfield is doing is great for the Browns because he's giving them confidence at swagger. But then he's also putting that Brown's team on alert to other teams right leg up. All right now. You know, if the Browns beat you going to be on go, go have them all over the news. And he's going to be top story. And so you gotta make sure that you're on your game. I think you saw that with the Houston, Texas. I wanna talk about the by the way, though with the Browns winning. That is a good result. You do not want the Browns to catch fire to the degree that they win out or something close to that. Because if you're Browns fan, you do not want Greg Williams your head coach, I loved Dido, stop it. He's he's a leader of men easy. Yeah. Okay. Any who lets the another quarterback situation that really fascinates me in the AFC north? I know you and I both like Lamar Jackson coming into that situation. But now it sets up for a really wonky completion to Joe flacco era as far as I'm really I think Joe's done think Lamar Jackson is long as he continues to win. They're going to have to play them out there finding ways or defensive standing up the running the ball will Lamar gives that extra element where they have to account for. So he's allowing other guys break long runs, and he's still, you know, he's still learning the passing game, and he's using his arm. They're they're getting more involved there. But is over for Joe. And guess what? There's a bunch of teams in Florida that need a quarterback. I see Georgia paid see it's I think that's easy to say. We'll Joe flacco just move on and be the starting quarterback somewhere else. But how many situations looking around the thirty two NFL teams? How many teams can you rightly say would be upgraded accu- be by adding Joe flacco not the Jags. He doesn't he doesn't give them what they need those. He throws the ball. He could read cover. Disney throws the ball will. That's what you want us one of quarterback. Remember the Jags defense or something to that? Baltimore Ravens defense. He's one of quarterback that can continue drives Blake Boorda's inconsistent with that not to say that he can't do it. He's you know, this league's about consistency. So when you're inconsistent. We have to move Fulco flag goes not consistent. That's our consistent in Blake though. I think that would be jumping from the frying pan. You have or Tampa did flack, and then you have New York, you don't think famous James. Has little right on the thing. I would hope that they would keep James Winston. But they didn't give him the fifth year option..

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