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ABC News. I'm Derek Dennis in California two sheriff's deputies shot by a suspect in Los Angeles County Saturday night, and the shooting was called on surveillance video. It's being described as an ambush attack on two deputies who were sitting in their patrol SUV at the transit station in Compton, one male deputy and one female who were shot multiple times by a man who then ran off and he has not been found. We're told. The deputies are critically injured around a patrol car blood could be seen. The hunt is on now for the gunman at like Stone, ABC News, Los Angela and another shooting in New Jersey, off campus near Rutgers University. Police see several shots were fired overnight and multiple people were struck number of victims and their conditions not yet known. In the Western wildfires. At least 25 are dead in California, Oregon and Washington state air quality, also a concern, raising questions about whether face masks can protect against the smoke. The best way to protect yourself from or air quality is to stay indoors, especially if you're part of a high risk group. So this is a much better option than wearing a mask. That's University of Washington professor Dr Seth Cohen, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, now four of the five worst cities in the world for air quality. Tropical storms Sally is threatening Louisiana. Sally, having entered the Gulf of Mexico is expected to gather strength as it moves northwest affecting the Gulf Coast is early as Monday system is going down and potentially building his strength. Everyone needs to take this very seriously New orleansmayor LaToya Cantrell issue and a mandatory evacuation order for residence.

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